Overnight parking

Generally, parking is not permitted on college property from 11pm to 7am except for those on school-related trips or those working on campus. For those working in campus buildings after midnight, please let Public Safety know where you are working and give them your vehicle description.

For overnight trips, vehicle operators must make arrangement with the Public Safety Office:

  • The operator must leave the following information at the Public Safety Office:
  • Operator’s name
  • Vehicle license plate # along with make/model/color
  • Name and phone number of individual to be contacted in the event of an emergency involving the vehicle
  • The vehicle must be parked as follows:
    • Contact the Public Safety office at least 5 business days in advance for parking options.
    • Failure to follow these procedures shall, minimally, result in the ticketing of the vehicle. If the following conditions exist, the vehicle may also be towed:
    • The vehicle is impeding the safe passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
    • The vehicle is impeding snow removal operations.
    • The vehicle is in an unsafe condition, e.g., leaking gasoline onto the pavement.
    • The vehicle has been issued two previous citations during the current academic year. The issuance of a third citation authorizes the towing of a vehicle from campus.

    In instances where a vehicle is parked according to the above procedures but, there is an emergency or unsafe condition, the vehicle may be towed from campus if reasonable efforts to contact the emergency contact person are unsuccessful.