Special medical parking permits

The issuance of special medical parking permits is an optional service that Greenfield Community College provides for a limited number of circumstances.

  • For community members who have a short-term, qualifying mobility issue and:
    • Do not qualify for a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard, or
    • Who may qualify for a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard but, due to the short length of time of their mobility issue, it would not be feasible to apply for state handicapped parking status.
  • For community members who have a long-term, qualifying mobility issue and:
    • Are awaiting a decision from the state, or
    • Had their state application rejected.

Please note:

  • The definition of a “qualifying mobility issue” is narrowly defined and, therefore, not all mobility issues will qualify a person for Special Medical Parking permission.
  • Those who know in advance that they will have a short-term or long-term mobility issue in the near future (such as scheduled surgery and a subsequent period of rehabilitation) are encouraged to make application to the state for handicapped parking privileges in advance of their surgery.

Special medical parking permits allow for parking as follows:

  • In any GCC parking space designated for “Special Medical Parking Permits” (permit must be displayed).
  • In any parking space in Lot F (permit must be displayed).
  • In any parking space in Lots A through E.

Special medical parking permits do NOT allow parking in the following spaces/areas:

  • Handicapped parking spaces, visitor parking spaces, or any other reserved spaces
  • Any roads, lands, or grassy areas where there is not a marked employee/student parking space

Applications for medical parking permits are available at the Public Safety Office. The Special Medical Parking Permit Application must be returned with appropriate documentation from medical personnel. Generally, you will receive a response to your application within 3-5 business days.