Visitor parking

Visitor parking is available in the following locations:

  • Main Campus
    • 7am to 4pm (school days) There are marked visitor spaces in the parking area at the base of the steps leading to the Core. Additional visitor parking is outside South and North entrances of the Main building. Visitors parking in these areas must provide their name and license plate number to Public Safety,  by stopping at the Public Safety office (S110) and registering.
    • Note: Visitors may also park in Lots A – E without the need to register with Public Safety.
    • 4pm-11pm (school days) and 7am-11pm (non-school days) – Visitor spaces and Lots A – F. No need to register with Public Safety during these times only.
    • Students and employees may not park in Visitor Spaces, even if on campus to visit someone.
  • Downtown Center
    • 7am to 11pm – There are marked visitor spaces in the Downtown Center Lot. Additional visitor parking is in the nearby public parking lot (behind the Wilson’s parking lot).