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Corrina Steward

Corrina Steward  Environmental Studies  East 132B

413 775 1837               

Corrina began teaching at GCC in 2011 bringing with her over 10 years experience in sustainable development, social justice and global organizing.  She teaches Gender and the Environment, an innovative course on the impact gender constructs, roles and politics play in environmental issues.  Her teaching incorporates her experience working with the United Nations Development Programme on biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods in poor, rural communities around the world.  As a graduate student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, she pioneered a study on soybean production in the Brazilian Amazon.  Her work was the first to break the story about Amazon rainforest destruction from soybeans.  Her Masters research is published in the Journal of Agriculture and Human Values and was used in a Greenpeace campaign that successfully won a moratorium on soybean farms in the Amazon.  Corrina is now developing a project to create a global supply chain for “biodiverse, fairly-traded” honey from small producers.  In addition to her field experience, Corrina brings her training as a professional and life coach to the classroom.  Through this lens she strives for each of her students to discover the best in themselves and for the world.   You can find more information at the Earth Hive website.


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