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Social Sciences

Welcome to the Social Science Department at GCC

Heather Lavigne

Heather Lavigne  East 116D 413 775-1875    

Heather Lavigne has joined the adjunct faulty at GCC in 2012.  Her courses include Principles of Psychology and Human Growth and Development.  She is deeply invested in helping students achieve their highest potential while making content accessible and interesting to GCC’s diverse student body.  She originally attended UMASS as an undergraduate to obtain her B.A. in Communication.  After graduation, she continued on to receive her M.Ed. from Harvard University and most recently, has returned to UMASS to pursue her Ph.D in the Developmental Science program. Her research is concerned with how media impacts children’s cognitive development and real-world behavior. Beyond the content focus of her research, she is deeply interested in exploring innovative methodologies for collecting and analyzing developmental data.

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