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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College
At GCC sustainability has many definitions, but underlying each is the desire to achieve and maintain the environmental, economic and social well being of our world, both today and for future generations. Sustainability influences the way our courses are taught, the way our buildings and landscapes grow and change, and the way we live and work in them.

Students and community members at GCC can explore a diversity of approaches to sustainability. These include: applying knowledge to improve energy efficiency and to develop new technologies (renewable energy); understanding how to constructively resolve conflicts over differences and scarce resources (mediation, conflict resolution and civic engagement); learning how we can conserve natural resources by adjusting both individual lifestyles and community strategies; exploring economic sectors that will affect our resilience as the world warms (permaculture, green building, sustainable agriculture); examining the way we live and envisioning new models, while upholding human rights and addressing social inequality (ecovillages, eco-municipalities and new systems of social and economic justice); creating new and beautiful spaces (sustainable architecture and landscape design).

As you explore these pages, think about who you are. Perhaps you know clearly what you want to pursue or perhaps you want to investigate new interests. In each of the departments listed here, there is a person who will answer any questions you may have about their program and how it can enhance your career and personal goals.