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Organic CSA shares available at GCC for spring 2012

Posted on Wednesday October 24th 2012

Hello food lovers!

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves in the midst of another semester.  As many of you have probably noticed we are distributing CSA shares for Enterprise Farm again this semester, and we have a table in the core every Wednesday from 3:00-5:00 p.m. where shareholders can pick up their box of fresh local/regional produce.  Enterprise Farm is an organic farm in Whately that has been growing vegetables since 1983.  They offer a year round CSA sourcing some of their produce from other organic farms up and down the east coast in the winter months when it is too cold to grow food here in Western MA.

If you aren’t a customer of a CSA let me tell you why they are so great.  You make one or two lump sum payments, buying a “share” of the farm’s crop, and then you receive a box of produce every week during the season.  With the direct marketing system you are paying the farm directly, cutting out the middle man, benefiting both you and the farmer financially.  The produce is fresh from the farm and the consumer is able to support local and or regional agriculture at a more affordable price and thus is able to put money into the local economy and lower their carbon footprint.  It’s a really great way that environmental awareness and action is made easy for the participants.  I mean really, what’s easier and nicer than picking up a box of fresh fruits and veggies on your way out the door after a long day of school or work?

Interested in signing up? Well it’s not too late, we are in our sixth week and there are four weeks left.  A small share is $16.00/wk a medium is $21.00/wk and a large is $29.00/wk.  You can sign up and pay by clicking on the link for signing up and the link for paying for your Western Mass farmshare on the left side of the home page of Enterprise’s website:  The share through GCC will continue again next semester when GCC reconvenes after the winter break.  If you have any questions you can email me, Ian Walton at or visit me at the table in the core first floor on Wednesdays from 3-5 p.m.  Happy studies!

Ian Walton

GCC/Enterprise Farm Intern

CSA Distribution

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