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Sustainability at GCC

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Farm fresh at GCC!

veggiesAre you interested in:

  • affordable, fresh picked local produce,
  • delivered to Greenfields Market (until we get 15 shares – then delivery is right here at GCC!)
  • supporting local farmers,
  • and available throughout the year?

You are in luck! GCC usually hosts a CSA during each academic term!

What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This means that you buy a share in a farm at the beginning of a season (in our case, the beginning of a semester) and you get produce delivered to you (for now at Greenfields Market until we get 15 shares and then it will be delivered here.) Shareholders will pick up weekly distributions of fresh vegetables and fruit in a convenient place on the campus.

Who’s the farm?

We’ve chosen to work with Enterprise Farm in Whately for a variety of reasons. They are a local farm with experience and have delivered to other academic organizations. They are willing to work with us during the school year, beyond the New England growing season because they partner with other organic farms along the Atlantic seaboard when New England fields are asleep. They are flexible and willing to work with our academic schedule. You can visit their web site at:

Please contact Kyle Tuttle at for more information about joining.

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