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UMass Update – February 2011

Posted on Monday February 14th 2011

The University of Massachusetts Amherst
Undergraduate Admissions Office
Spring 2011 Update for Community Colleges

Summer Graduates: Minimal GPAs and Missing Requirements
● Summer grads who meet our regular transfer criteria, including 2.7 GPA and prerequisites for their major,
will be admitted to their major even though they will not graduate until after completion of summer courses.
● Summer grads who meet our regular transfer criteria with a 2.7 GPA but who are completing major
prerequisites in the summer may not be admitted to their first choice major, depending on which prerequisites they are completing in the summer (for example, business students taking their math courses
in the summer). However, we will change them to their first choice major once we have documentation that the prerequisites are successfully completed. For students taking the second summer session, this means they will have to register for courses late, when access to courses is the most limited. It is advised that students complete their associate degree in the first summer session.

● Summer grads who do not meet the minimum transfer criteria for general admission (2.7 or higher) may be denied admission for Fall 2011 but may then reapply for Spring 2012 once they complete their associate degree. Upon graduation, if they meet the admissions criteria for Joint Admissions or MassTransfer, then we will guarantee their admission for Spring 2012.

Chancellor Holub’s Community College Initiative
What started as a pilot program For Fall 2010 has expanded into an institution-wide effort to support Joint Admissions and MassTransfer graduates in their transition to UMass Amherst. This past semester, a
faculty/staff committee, chaired by Deputy Chancellor Todd Diacon, has worked on this effort, which will have a very positive and exciting impact on the Fall 2011 entering class. Expect good news very soon!

Joint Admissions and MassTransfer students will be able to meet with an advisor and register for courses at the very first orientation session this summer (June 2-3), ahead of all other new students. The other transfer orientation sessions are in Mid-July.

IMPORTANT: Please encourage your students to apply early for
admission and financial aid so that they can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Good news! Even though housing is not guaranteed for entering sophomores and juniors, we will be setting aside some Fall on-campus housing spaces for Joint Admissions and MassTransfer graduates. More info will follow soon and will also be included in accept packages.

NEW – Students May Pay Their Enrollment Fee Via Credit Card or Electronic Check.
Starting with Spring 2011, students may pay their enrollment fee via credit card or electronic check. More detailed instructions are available in the Important Information brochure in student accept packets.
Hopefully, this will allow more students to participate in early course registration.

Once again this year (2011-2012), we will be offering fifteen $2500/year Community College Academic Honors Scholarships for Massachusetts community college graduates. Application forms are mailed to qualified applicants in advance of their accept packets. Recipients are selected by a committee which includes community college transfer counselors. This process is also used for the more competitive fifteen $5000/year Community Scholarships.

Online programs (and University Without Walls)
Just a reminder: Terri Labine is the point of contact for students interested in regular day division (full- or part-time) undergraduate degree programs. However, students interested in Continuing and Professional Education online degree programs (and University Without Walls) are advised by a different office. Please
refer interested students to their website for admissions/advising contacts:

Students Eligible for either Joint Admissions or MassTransfer: How to Advise Them.
Although this may not be the case with every state school, the best choice for students who want UMass Amherst will always be Joint Admissions. Example: Under Joint Admissions, students in approved business transfer programs are admissible with a 2.5 or higher GPA. Under MassTransfer, students in approved business transfer programs must have a 3.0 or higher GPA to be admissible.

How Will UMass Amherst Review Students Applying Under MassTransfer?
We will review all MassTransfer applications to determine if the applicants are also eligible for Joint Admissions consideration. If so, and if the students would be better served via Joint Admissions, then we will admit them under the Joint Admissions program instead. In every case, we will process the student to his or her greatest advantage.

Transfer Articulation Agreements
This academic year, we will be working on transfer articulation agreements for some associate degree programs which are predictive of successful transferability to UMass Amherst. In the interim, UMass Amherst will continue to honor the status of previously designated Joint Admissions programs which are targeted for development of transfer articulation agreements, offering them the same benefits (including TAP), assuming students graduate with the following additional criteria:
Engineering – required 2.7 GPA
Kinesiology – required 3.0 GPA
Isenberg School of Management (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing) – required 3.0 GPA
Sport Management – required 3.0 GPA
Hospitality and Tourism Management – required 2.7 GPA
Other majors – required 2.5 GPA
These students may use the MassTransfer application to apply to UMass Amherst, even though the program is not officially a part of MassTransfer.
Readmits to Four-Year Institutions Are Not Eligible for MassTransfer
According to DHE, students who:
(1) enroll as degree-seeking students at a four-year college,
(2) subsequently complete the associate degree via Joint Admissions or MassTransfer at a community college, and
(3) finally seek readmission to the four-year college they previously attended
are not guaranteed Joint Admissions or MassTransfer benefits. Because there is no uniformity in how four-year colleges handle readmits, this group is excluded from Joint Admissions or MassTransfer. Some schools may choose to award the benefits, but that is an individual institutional decision. Because we do not process readmits in Undergraduate Admissions, readmits to UMass Amherst will not be eligible for Joint Admissions or MassTransfer benefits, except for the Commonwealth Transfer Compact or MassTransfer Block award.
Second Bachelor’s Degree Students Are Not Eligible for Joint Admissions or MassTransfer
UMass Amherst’s undergraduate priority is to serve students who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree.
Given this commitment, spaces available to students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree will vary from semester to semester and some majors will not be available to second bachelor’s degree students in any semester. In addition, students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for either the Joint Admissions or MassTransfer programs. Because we have had some difficult experiences with community college transfer students with bachelor’s degrees who expected a guarantee of admission to their chosen major, we are requesting that you pass this information on to your faculty advisors and admissions counselors to assure that these students are not misadvised.
SC: TR-CC-news-Sp11.doc – 2/9/11

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