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UMASS TRANSFER: What you should know

Posted on Thursday March 15th 2012



(1) UMass Community College Connection web site and the benefits

(2) Articulations for special programs:  Engineering

(3) Implications for Summer Graduates

You will be able to answer a number of questions that you and your advisees may have concerning transfer to UMass, Amherst, Masstransfer and Joint Admissions.  (check it out!!)

This site provides information regarding transfer when students apply on time:

priority review of the application for admission

- priority transfer credit evaluation

- priority financial aid consideration

- eligibility for special scholarships

- housing (75) UMCCC junior/engineering residential housing including new special semester-long transfer transition programs

- transfer course registration before all other new students (when majority of classes are still open!!)

- Financial Aid Packaging along with freshman students

JOINT ADMISSION/MASSTRANSFER-  separate  information about each

Link brings you right to the DHE site for information concerning the approved JA/MassTransfer programs between the 2yrs and the 4-yr state institutions along with:

- Community College Transfer Advisors Offices

- Information concerning application process and meeting with advisors once admitted

- General Education Requirements (distribution courses) for CTC/MTB   (Commonwealth Transfer Compact/MassTransfer Block)

- various Departments and their College requirements

- This link will eventually post course equivalency.  For now, they will provide a matrix of course requirements per major

FINANCIAL AID – review with students
- Priority financial aid consideration, scholarships, and tuition waivers

- Financial aid processing and requirements

If student cannot afford to pay the $400.00 enrollment fee, student can email Terri Labine to discuss a fee waiver…student must be receiving Financial Aid (Pell), be on MassRehab or full Veteran Benefits….

Note particularly the Learning Resource Center – Provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, and workshops on learning and study skills.

Click on the Tutoring Schedule tab and you will note that a list of days/times is provided for numerous courses (A-Z) !!


UMass, Amherst treats previously approved Joint Admissions programs as MassTransfer without formal articulation agreements.

Thus, any Associate Degree missing the full complement of the Mass Transfer Block (distribution gen eds) and was previously approved as Joint Admissions, will automatically be considered MassTransfer.

Summer graduates are at a disadvantage, given the more structured enrollment timeframes of most four-year colleges.

 Joint Admissions and MassTransfer Benefits are tied to graduation –final official transcript with graduation notation and final GPA arrive too late for most benefits. (arriving in Sept.)

 Thus, student may not be placed in the major of choice, nor get the courses they need, and, may miss out on the priority financial packaging, junior housing placement, and tuition advantage for the first semester.

 Terri and Stephanie do make efforts to work with these students nonetheless.  They will use a prediction format: 
They will ask…..will student graduate and/or qualify for benefits with:

- lower GPA (2.5 or 2.6)  

- kinds of summer courses (Isenberg predictor courses ; math; comp I/II for ESL)

- number of summer courses (one or two vs. more)

- multiple factors (combo of the above)

- summer session I vs. summer session II

 It is a good idea, therefore, to advise students early on in their degree process about these issues (using Summer I or II to complete program) -  if students do not know about the implications of choosing summer program completion, it may be to their detriment in the transfer process.

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