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How can I transfer?

There are several different transfer programs available to GCC students.

MassTransfer - visit this MassTransfer link to review the State 4-yr Schools that GCC Assoc. degree programs transfer to.

 MassTransfer 2009 download full description

Students planning to transfer to one of the Massachusetts state-supported colleges or universities are eligible for MassTransfer. MassTransfer provides community college graduates who complete designated associate’s degrees with the benefits of the full transfer and applicability of credit, guaranteed admission (2.5 GPA or higher), and a partial tuition discount (3.0 GPA or higher).

Students matriculating may accumulate courses leading toward the completion of an approved associate degree under MassTransfer or the MassTransfer Block. The policy benefits will apply to students who complete either an approved associate degree or the MassTransfer Block.

Note:  Students who have matriculated into another college since completing an associate degee are not eligible for MassTransfer and must submit a traditional admission application.  Students who are not in good academic fiscal, and disciplinary status at all previously attended colleges may not be guaranteed MassTransfer benefits. (this appears on the BHE  MassTansfer Application for Admission)

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and Admissions Standards affecting transfer to the Massachusetts State University System and the University of Massachusetts:
Admission is not guaranteed for any applicant to a Massachusetts public instituion of higher education.  A wide range of factors is considered in admissions decisions and the final decision on accepting an applicant rests with the individual campus
click on: 
 Admissions Standards Guide (PDF) and go to pages:  10, 11, 16

UMass Amherst Undergraduate Admissions Standards:
RE:  Transfer Admissions Requirements;  Joint Admissins/MassTransfer

Transfer Block Audit Sheet

 Articulation Agreements with private colleges:
See the list of  private schools and other articulations

GCC has numerous articulation agreements with private, 4-year institutions that make transfer to and acceptance of GCC credits by these institutions both simple and convenient. Prospective transfer students should familiarize themselves with any agreements of interest to them as early as possible in their stay at GCC to ensure that requirements are met.

Under these programs students are conditionally accepted into these schools provided that you have earned an associate’s degree or accumulated 30 or 60 credit hours (depending on the school) at GCC with a minimum cumulative GPA established by the institution.

Each school has established merit-based financial aid packaging based upon the student cumulative grade point average. For further information please contact the GCC Transfer Office.

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