The Student Veterans’ Network (VetNet) club meets every Wednesday (during fall and spring semesters), from 12 – 12:50 pm in the Channing & Marie Bete Veterans Center, room N215. The purpose of the meetings is to gather students with a common bond, share information, and build community on campus. VetNet is a highly active and organized group on campus and is committed to community growth through service. VetNet is actively seeking new members, including those interested in leadership positions.

Questions? Contact Holly Lovelace, 

VetNet is GCC’s club for student veterans. Our primary goal is to generate a campus-wide culture that embraces the leadership, discipline, and high standards veterans bring to our campus while translating their military experience to student success.

GCC’s Veterans’ Services Office and our student club VetNet work together to:

  • Create a seamless transition for student veterans returning to the classroom.
  • Facilitate access to programs, benefits, and services for veterans in the local and college community.
  • Provide appropriate space on campus for student veterans and allies to relax, study, share resources, plan activities, and access support.
  • Invite all students, staff, and faculty to participate in the VetNet community.
  • Collaborate with the GCC and Franklin County community members to provide educational programming and training that promotes the successful integration of veterans returning to civilian life.
  • Identify and develop relationships with family members of veterans in our Armed forces to build bridges that encourage a broadening of their self-image and lifestyle management principles that contribute to their academic, community, spiritual, and emotional success.
  • Endorse a non-political environment.

Approved by VetNet members on October 13, 2010

The current GCC Veterans Network (VetNet) group was conceptualized by a student veteran that wanted to ensure that the veteran population had a voice on campus and resources available for the combat to classroom transition.  This effort began in November 2009 by establishing a weekly campus meeting, Wednesday’s 12-12:50 p.m. that welcome student veterans, dependents and spouses of veterans, and all other individuals interested in participating in the veteran community.

By September 2010, VetNet was gaining attention on campus and the attendance at weekly meetings began to increase.  It was at that time it was necessary to organize more formally. The student members that attended the weekly meeting officially identified themselves as the GCC Student Veterans Network Organization and adopted the VetNet nickname. The meeting members developed and approved a Mission Statement for VetNet on October 13, 2010.  In October, VetNet held its first election for student officers to uphold the Mission Statement and lead the group to where it is today.

VetNet members have done extensive outreach to the GCC campus and community through volunteerism, networking and community service.  The members are committed to developing community relationships, creating visibility and establishing an access to GCC for veterans and the families and friends of veterans.

In September 2011, VetNet was invited by GCC Student Life to become an officially recognized student club on campus. As of December 2011, the VetNet Student Club has an active membership that has grown to over 30 students and allies and counting as we welcome new students this semester.

Anyone interested in more information or becoming a member of the GCC VetNet student club is encouraged to stop by the Veterans’ Center, N215.