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It’s a pleasure to announce the winners of the 2010 International Student Language and Culture Travel Awards: Amy Laprade and Jacob Powers.  Both students will continue their studies in Spanish at a language school in Guatemala this summer.  Amy is a writer and may also teach English as a Second Language to Spanish speakers; seeking an MFA in writing, she is dedicated to multilingualism and is our first award recipient who has applied for the program twice, this time very successfully.  Jacob’s studies at GCC focus on social work, psychology and writing; his current professional activities and future goals include using Spanish to communicate with people in his work.  He also expects the cross-cultural immersion experience to expand his understanding of his own American identity.  The International Studies Committee wishes to thank all the interested students who applied this year, and to express profound appreciation to President Bob Pura and to the Student Senate for their co-sponsorship of this amazing learning opportunity.  Congratulations to Amy and Jacob, and best wishes for a delightful summer.

Kit Carpenter – Chair, International Studies CommitteeCommit

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