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Dual enrollment admissions

How old do I have to be to take classes at GCC?

Students of all ages are welcome to take courses at Greenfield Community College. There are a small number of courses with minimum age restrictions. These restrictions are outlined clearly in the course descriptions found in GCC’s course catalog.

What is dual enrollment?

GCC’s dual enrollment program allows motivated high school or home school students to earn college credit before graduating from high school. Interested students should work with the GCC Office of Admission as well as with their high school guidance office or homeschool official to determine if dual enrollment is right for them.

Any qualified student may take classes at Greenfield Community College as long as they meet the specific class requirements—which may be mean passing a placement test, prior completion of specific college-level courses, or performance on AP exams.

Can a campus tour count as an info session?

No. Information sessions take place either at the student’s high school or on the GCC campus to provide students and families with an overview of the Dual Enrollment Program. Students will have the chance to tour the main campus during their New Student Orientation.

What courses can I take if I am still in high school or am home schooled?

GCC wants you to be successful in your academic pursuits. Class selection is determined through a conversation with the student, his or her parent or legal guardian, and the high school guidance counselor or home school official. GCC does require every student to have the prerequisite course work or test scores needed for the individual course he or she wishes to take. These prerequisites are outline in the course descriptions in GCC’s course catalog and will be discussed with your Dual Enrollment Advisor.

Will I get college credit for the courses that I take?

High school students will receive college credit for courses taken at GCC and will develop a college transcript. This means that your grades matter and these courses are part of your permanent academic record at the College. If you decide that you want to continue your education at GCC after graduation, your coursework in which you have achieved a passing grade will automatically be applied. You don’t retake those courses.

Will the classes I take at GCC transfer to another college or university?

Many or our dual enrollment students transfer some or all of their GCC courses to another college or university. However, it is always at the discretion of the college or university where you transfer to decide whether or not your credits will be acceptable.

Will the classes I take be applied toward my high school or home school graduation requirements?

Possibly. This decision is always made by the appropriate official at your high school or home school.

If I am a dual enrollment student, are my classes free?

Dual enrollment students are billed at the same rate as all other students. In addition, dual enrollment students are not eligible for federal financial aid. At times there are funding opportunities for students to apply for – just ask the Office of Admission or your Dual Enrollment Advisor.

How do I go about being admitted to GCC as a dual enrollment student?

  • Discuss the possibility of taking courses with your parent/legal guardian and your high school or home school official.
  • Complete a Dual Enrollment Application.
  • If you are planning to participate in athletics while taking courses at GCC, you will receive a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) waiver at your mailing address. You must complete this form and return it to the Office of Admission before your application is considered complete.
  • Call the Testing Center at GCC and make an appointment to take placement tests in reading, sentence skills and math. Detailed information about these tests can be found at
  • Providing you have met the prerequisites to take the course(s) you have chosen, contact the Academic Advising Center to make an appointment to register for courses. New student registration dates are found on the College’s academic calendar and are posted on the GCC website.  In general, registration for the Summer and Fall terms will open in mid-April and in mid-November for the Spring term.

How is the Early Transitions Program (ETP) different from dual enrollment, and am I eligible?

ETP is a special program available only to Greenfield High School and Turners Falls High School. Students must meet certain eligibility requirements. Please contact Tamatha Gaumnitz at for more information.

General admission

Do you have on-campus housing?

No. GCC does not provide campus housing. Students will need to make their own arrangements for housing.

Do I need to have a high school diploma to take classes at GCC?

If you want to complete a degree or certificate program at GCC or apply for federal financial assistance, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent or a GED. You may still be able to take classes at GCC without this credential but you cannot receive financial aid nor can you enroll in a degree or certificate program. Students who do not have a high school diploma because they are still enrolled in high school or home school can apply to GCC as dual enrollment students.

How is the Early Transitions Program (ETP) different from dual enrollment, and am I eligible?

ETP is a special program available only to Greenfield High School and Turners Falls High School. Students must meet certain eligibility requirements. Please contact Tamatha Gaumnitz at for more information.

Does everyone need to complete an application for admission to GCC?

Students who wish to complete a certificate or degree program at GCC and students who wish to apply for federal financial assistance need to complete an application for admission. If you just want to take classes for credit, you don’t plan to graduate and you don’t need financial aid, you are considered a non-matriculated student and you do not need to complete an application. Non-matriculated students can complete a registration form and return it to Enrollment Services to enroll. Learn more about non-matriculated students »

My username and password is not working for MyGCC

Are you sure you’re using your GCC username and password? When you applied online to GCC, you created your own Login ID and PIN to allow you to access the online application. These are not the same as your GCC username and password, which is what you use to log into MyGCC, Moodle and GCC student email. Normally applicants receive GCC login credentials within 96 hours of acceptance to GCC. It can take up to 96 hours for new accounts to be activated. If you are a newly accepted student and need help with your GCC username, email and/or password, contact our Student HelpDesk for support.

I sent in a registration form for an online class. How do I know what my username and password is?

If you are a non-matriculated student and have submitted a registration form, you will receive email or paper correspondence with login credentials for our online services (email, Moodle and MyGCC) within 96 hours.

How will I know I have been accepted to GCC?

If you have applied to GCC, once the Office of Admission has received and processed your application, an acceptance email will be sent to you at the email address you provided on your online application. In addition, to your online acceptance letter you will receive your student account information.  Your login credentials will be sent to you in two separate emails, the first contains your username and student ID number, and the second contains a temporary password.  Use these to log in to your MyGCC account and set up your permanent password.  Once your permanent password is set, you will use these log in credentials to access your MyGCC, student email and Moodle accounts. It may take up to a half hour for your permanent password to work for your student email and Moodle accounts.

If you are a non-matriculated applicant and have submitted a registration form, you will receive an email with login credentials for our online services (email, Moodle and MyGCC).  Your login credentials will be sent to you in two separate emails, the first contains your username and student ID number, and the second contains a temporary password.  Use these to log in to your MyGCC account and set up your permanent password.  Once your permanent password is set, you will use these log in credentials to access your MyGCC, student email and Moodle accounts. It may take up to a half hour for your permanent password to work for your student email and Moodle accounts.

If I don’t want to complete a degree or certificate program at GCC and I don’t intend to apply for federal financial aid, how do I enroll in courses?

You should complete a registration form, document that you’ve satisfied any and all prerequisites (by testing or providing necessary transcripts) and doing one of the following:

  • Bring the form to the Enrollment Services Office, located on the first floor of the main building in room C103
  • FAX your form to the Enrollment Services Office at (413) 775-1827
  • Mail your form to the Enrollment Services Office, Greenfield Community College, One College Drive, Greenfield, MA 01301

Review our steps to enroll for more information.

International student admissions

Do you have on-campus housing?

No. GCC does not provide campus housing. Students will need to make their own arrangements for housing.

What is the SEVIS I-20 Form?

The Form I-20 is your “certificate of eligibility” issued by the Greenfield Community College indicating you are attending (or planning to attend) Greenfield Community College. It is like a pass to stay in the United States while studying. You need your I-20 to obtain your F-1 visa.

What is the F-1 visa?

The F-1 visa is a student visa issued to persons who will be full-time students seeking a degree or certificate at an approved institution. Your F-1 visa is issued by a US embassy or consulate in or near your country and is on one of the pages of your passport with your picture, personal information, and name of the school on it. It is like a ticket to enter the United States.

What is the I-94?

Form I-94 is the DHS Arrival/Departure Record issued to foreign travelers who are admitted to the US. Foreign visitors to the US arriving via air or sea no longer need to complete paper Customs and Border Protection Form I-94 or I-94W. You can access their CBP arrival/departure record information online.

Can I get credit for college courses I took at a college in my country? How?

Yes, you may be eligible to receive credit for courses that are equivalent to GCC courses. You will need to have your transcripts translated to English (if needed), and/or have a course-by-course evaluation completed by an approved credential evaluation service.

How/where do I have my transcripts translated and evaluated?

There are many outside agencies that translate and evaluate international transcripts. You may obtain help from the embassy/consulate or you may find a list
of agencies on the internet at or

When will I get my Form I-20?

Once we have received all required documentation, your file will be evaluated by the International Admission officer. If you meet the admission requirements, you will be issued your I-20. Please note: the I-20 cannot be issued more than 120 days prior to the start of your academic program.

What if I am applying to a particular program (Nursing, Paramedic, Medical Assisting, or Outdoor Leadership)?

You must meet the criteria for those programs as well as the minimum admission requirements. You may request more information about a particular program by emailing Please be aware that admission to the GCC does not guarantee admission to these programs. Additional coursework may be required before you may apply to some programs.

When do I make an appointment with the Embassy?

Because the speed of mail delivery differs by country, we recommend you schedule your appointment only upon receipt of your I-20.

Can I submit a change of status form (I-539) if I am in the U.S on a visitor’s visa?

Applicants entering the United States on a visitor’s visa (B-2) without the “Prospective Student” classification (which is issued only in exceptional circumstances) may find it difficult to change to student classification. You will need to apply to the College and provide all the required documentation. Your current visa and I-94 must be valid and not expired. Your passport must also remain valid for the intended duration of study.

Can I change my major once I am in the US?

Yes, you may change your major, but we must issue you a new Form I-20 with your new major and completion date.

Can I transfer from another college in the US to GCC? What do I need to do?

You will need to submit all documentation required for new applicants. A completed “Transfer Verification Form” signed by your current college/university and current official transcript indicating completed courses and those in progress.

Can I transfer to another college? How do I go about it?

As long as you are currently in good standing both financially and academically with GCC, we will sign a transfer approval form issued by the school you wish to attend.

Who can I get to sponsor me? Does it have to be someone in the US?

You will need to obtain your own sponsors. The sponsors do not need to be in the US. Our only requirement is that the sponsor(s) have sufficient funds to meet your financial responsibilities.

How much does it cost for an international student to attend your college and obtain a degree?

The estimated cost provided in the International Student Information Packet is based on one academic year. Your degree may be completed in two years; however, additional time is required for students who need to improve their English and/or mathematics skills. When planning your financial needs, it is advised that applicants estimate financial need to be between 2 and 3 years.

Can I seek employment with a student visa?

No. This is why USCIS requires financial documentation that demonstrates sufficient funds available to support your education.

What happens if I do not complete my degree before my I-20 expires?

GCC can file for an extension to your Form I-20 so you may complete your degree.

Can I travel outside the US during school breaks? What do I need to do?

Yes, you may travel during school breaks. You will need your Form I-20 signed by a GCC official (PDSO/DSO).

Can I drive while in the US? Will I need a US driver’s license?

If you have a valid driver’s license from your country, you may not need to apply for a license in the US. Each state within the US, however, establishes their own requirements and will accept driver’s licenses only from certain countries. For information on Massachusetts driver’s license requirements, you can visit the RMV web site.

Health records & immunization

Where can I get vaccinated?

It is best to see your primary care provider for vaccinations or proof of immunization. If you do not have a healthcare provider you may visit a community health center to become a patient there or visit an urgent care clinic or pharmacy location that provides vaccinations.  Call ahead to determine if an appointment is necessary and verify that your insurance covers the service. Bring a photo ID and insurance information with you to the clinic and get a copy of their vaccine administration documentation to submit to us showing your vaccination or laboratory proof of immunity. Below is a sample of sites in our area:

Vaccinations & lab tests for immunity

  • AFC Urgent Care
  • Clear Choice
  • Community Health Center of Franklin County
  • MedExpress
  • On Call Urgent Care
  • Travel Medicine
  • Hospital-affiliated urgent care centers such as Baystate, Mercy & Cooley Dickinson

Vaccinations only – check the store first to ensure they provide this service

  • Big Y Pharmacies
  • Costco Pharmacies
  • CVS stores with a Minute Clinic
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Stop & Shop Pharmacy
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy
  • Walmart Pharmacy

The HealthMap Vaccine Finder shows locations that offer immunizations near you.  You can limit your search by location and/or the vaccine you need.

Do I have different requirements if I’m applying to one of the Health Programs (Nursing, Practical Nursing, Paramedic, Medical Assistant) at GCC?

Yes, you must meet all of the state immunization requirements but cannot use exemptions for age or history of disease. There are additional requirements for a seasonal flu vaccine each year you are in the program and tuberculosis (TB) testing prior to the first clinical experience of each year.  You must also have documentation of immunity to Hepatitis B by BOTH the series of 3 vaccinations, or the 2 dose HeplisavB series, AND a positive blood test. Additionally, a physical exam and a negative drug screen are requirements to be obtained within the specified time frames. Refer to your specific health program’s information packet for deadlines and details.

Which of the two Meningococcal Vaccines is required?

The quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine (Menactra, MCV4, or Menveo) protects against 4 serotypes (A, C, W and Y) of meningococcal disease and is the one required for all full time college students 16 through 21 years of age. It’s routinely recommended at age 11-12 years with a booster at age 16.  Students receiving their first dose on or after their 16th birthday do not need a booster.

Individuals in certain high risk groups may need to receive the Meningococcal serogroup B vaccine (Bexsero and Trumenba) to protect against serogroup B meningococcal disease based on their doctor’s recommendations.  It is not required for college students at this time.

What immunizations are required to attend GCC?

Massachusetts State law requires all full-time students under thirty years old (12 credits or more), all international students on student visas under thirty years old, and all students in a health occupation program, regardless of age or credit load, to provide proof of immunization for MMR (measles, mumps, rubella); Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis); Varicella (Chicken Pox) and Hepatitis B.

All full-time college students 16 through 21 years of age will be required to provide documentation of a conjugate type meningococcal vaccine administered on or after their 16th birthday.  This vaccine protects against diseases like Meningitis. Trade names include Menactra, MCV4, Menveo or it may be referred to as a conjugate or MenACWY vaccine type.

Where can I find my immunization records?

 The records that exist are the ones you or your parents were given when the vaccines were administered and in the medical records of the office or agency where they were given, at least for a limited time until the records are shredded.  There are several places to look for them:

  • Check with your doctor or public health clinic
  • Ask parents or other caregivers if they have records from your childhood doctor’s visits
  • Check your baby book or other childhood documents
  • Check with your high school, however they may only keep records for 5 years
  • Check with your employers as they may have required immunizations
  • Check your military records
  • Contact your state’s health department to request a copy of your information on their registry. In Massachusetts this is the MIIS – Massachusetts Immunization Information System

If you are unable to find all of your records, you may be able to get a blood test to see if you have immunity to some of the vaccine-preventable diseases.  You may also need to get some of the vaccines.

Here are Tips for Locating Old Immunization Records from the Immunization Action Coalition.

I can’t locate any documentation for my immunizations, what can I do?

If you know you’ve had immunizations in the past but can’t find documentation, you can have blood tests (titers) for measles (rubeola), mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox) and Hepatitis B to prove immunity. If you fail to prove immunity you will have to receive the immunizations. Titers must be done by your medical provider or a clinic and documentation of the test results must be provided to our office.

I am an older student; do I still need to provide proof of immunity?

It depends on your program and credit hours. The state requirements apply to full time (12 credits) college students and all international students under thirty years old. However the requirements apply to all Nursing, Practical Nursing, Paramedic and Medical Assistant students regardless of age or credit load. Meningococcal vaccination is not required of anyone over 22 years of age.

When do I need to provide my immunization documentation?

You need to submit your immunization documents before starting classes so that you have time to complete any missing vaccinations.  You have 30 days from the start of classes to provide this information. Documents should also be submitted showing that you have started a vaccination series even if it hasn’t been completed. Students in the nursing, practical nursing, paramedic and medical assistant programs have additional deadlines described on their program specific documents.

What happens if I don’t get my documentation to the Health Records office within 30 days?

A hold will be placed on your account and you will not be able to register for further classes, add or drop classes, get transcripts or grades. For health occupations students, missed deadlines jeopardize placement in the intended program.

What is a Health Records hold and what do I need to do to resolve it?

A Health Records hold indicates that your health records are incomplete. An email is sent to your GCC account at the beginning of each semester to inform you of what is missing. You may also email or call the Health Records staff at 413-775-1430 to see what you are missing and how to resolve the matter. There may be missing vaccines, dates, clinician signatures, or have inadequate documentation. The Health Records staff can remove the hold as soon as they receive valid documentation for the requirement. Documents may be faxed to 413-775-1434, brought to the nurses in Health Records Office N348, left in a locked box in Admissions C103 or outside N348 or mailed to the Health Records office.

How will the Health Records Office protect the privacy of my health information?

The Health Records Office will only send emails regarding health records to students at their GCC email address. This system provides an added level of security beyond commercial email accounts. You should routinely check your GCC email to stay informed. If your GCC email account isn’t set up yet you may call Health Records at 413-775-1430 to discuss your questions or concerns. Paper records are secured in locked files and locked storage with restricted access.

How long do you keep immunization records?

Paper records are kept for 10 years for most students and for 5 years for Nursing, Practical Nursing, Paramedic and Medical Assistant students per the Massachusetts Statewide Records Retention Schedule. Electronic records are kept for many years but may not include all the information you may need. You should always make copies of your health documents for your own records before submitting them to GCC.