MassTransfer: Real Life Examples of Problems

Every semester the GCC Transfer Office assists students preparing to go on to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and other four-year colleges. For students transferring under the MassTransfer agreement, even the streamlined process can be full of “potholes.” Here is a sampling of problems that commonly come up for students who are expecting to transfer to UMass.


  • fill out the Common Application when they don’t need to because they are transferring under MassTransfer
  • apply on their own and fail to complete one or more parts of the application
  • are not aware that they have not finished an associate degree
  • do not realize they may have to submit a list of activity for gap years
  • fail to send a Registrar’s report (disciplinary/misdemeanor report) to 4-year schools they have attended
  • fail to request one/two official transcripts—to be sent both now and at the end of term
  • fail to request official transcripts from 4-year/2-year schools they have attended
  • fail to apply for graduation date, meaning their final transcript does not confirm they graduated, and therefore they do not meet MassTransfer guidelines
  • apply for majors for which they have not completed the first two years’ course requirements or GPA
  • wait to satisfy their English or math requirements during Summer Session; therefore, UMass will wait to admit until final grades are in
  • take Summer II course work, which delays admission and may affect first-choice major course availability
  • have a GPA at or below the minimum GPA required for guaranteed admission, so schools will not admit or postpone an admission decision until final grades are posted
  • are not in good academic, financial, or disciplinary status at all previously attended colleges and/or have a criminal history; in these cases, admission is not guaranteed and a final decision may need to go to a special admission committee
  • don’t fully understand why they must attend the UMass Orientation/Registration event
  • who major in Early Childhood Education at GCC don’t understand that they have to request a major besides education at UMass
  • may not realize that certain UMass Amherst majors are restricted by GPA and course requirements:
    • Isenberg School of Management – GPA 3.0
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management – GPA 2.7
    • College of Engineering – GPA 2.7
    • Kinesiology – GPA 2.7 – 3.0
    • Journalism – GPA 3.0
    • Communications – GPA 2.7
    • Computer Science – GPA 2.7 and, certain grades in predictor courses

Encourage students to meet with the Transfer Counselor for comprehensive transfer advising.

Help your students make better choices for transfer early on!