Accuplacer Testing Preparation

Students may want to review before taking the Accuplacer Test to maximize their test scores. Where should you refer them? The following list was created by the Testing Center and Math Department to assist students.

Online study program. The College Board offers a useful app available at Cost: FREE

Sample questions and answers. Sample questions are available at Cost: FREE

Prep book. A comprehensive Accuplacer prep book is available for use in the GCC Library or students can purchase one from or many other online retailers. Students may also borrow a textbook from the Math Studio (N401).

Sign up for My Math Test. This is an online computer program that can help students refresh their arithmetic and algebra skills. The GCC Math Department has created a series of 15 tests at this site that correspond to the content of our three developmental math classes. Once the student completes a test, a study plan is created for them based on their results. Cost: $12/$15

Visit Khan Academy. Khan Academy at is a not-for-profit organization; their videos and practice problems are available free of charge (but are not specifically tailored to our three developmental classes).

Helpful websites

Remember: Students are allowed to take the math placement test twice, the English placement test three times. After the maximum number of tries, if a student does not feel that the placement tests reflect his or her level of readiness, the student may discuss the test results with the department chair or dean of that department. In some cases retesting or an alternative test is recommended.
ESOL Students: Students whose first language is not English are encouraged to take the English fluency test before taking the placement test. Call our ESOL Department at (413) 775-1226.
Students with disabilities: Students with documented disabilities may benefit by calling Disability Services at (413) 775-1332.