Using Unofficial Transcripts for Override

Often when we meet a student coming to GCC for the first time who wants to register for the upcoming term, the student says that they have college credit from another institution. However, the credits have not been reviewed to confirm what, if any, will transfer.

If the student can present an unofficial transcript at the time of registration, the transcript can be initially reviewed by you, the registration advisor, to ascertain how the credits might be evaluated. If the advisor feels confident with this preliminary review, they can override pre-requisite(s).

Once a decision has been made to override, five things must occur:

1. Inform the student of the possibility that the official review could be different from the preliminary review that you have done. Should there be a discrepancy, there is a risk that the student will be taken out of the registered course because pre-requisite(s) have not been met.

2. Instruct the student to check in MyGCC periodically to review their transcript to see which credits actually have been accepted and check their course schedule for any changes. (Additionally, the student will be emailed by the college if they are dropped from a course.)

3. Write an advising note in MyGCC to justify the override and to document that the student has been informed you are only providing an initial unofficial review of the transfer credit.

4. Check off the Registrar’s cc box when writing your advising note. 5. Scan the unofficial transcript into Advisor Notes.

Avoid problems using an unofficial transcript by communicating with your advisee clearly and documenting carefully.