Fall 2017 accounts are past due…

Student accounts with open balances for the fall 2017 semester are now seriously past due. Please remember, a financial obligation hold and a late fee have been applied to your account due to the overdue balance. The hold will prevent you from viewing your grades online, receiving academic transcripts, and/or enrolling for new classes. If you have already registered for a future semester, we reserve the right to cancel enrollment for that semester(s) if you have a past due balance.

Furthermore, additional collection procedures have begun. If your past due balance is greater than $25.00 your account will be referred to our collection agency and you will be responsible for an additional collection fee of up to 18% of your unpaid balance. In addition, your account will be submitted to the MA State Intercept Program where any state payments due you, including tax refunds, will be intercepted and transferred to Greenfield Community College each year until your account is paid in full. We urge you to pay your past due balance immediately in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Pay your bill immediately online.

Read about past due accounts.

Review our refund policy.