Past Due Bills

Please pay your bill on time.

If you do not pay your bill in full or sign up for the payment plan by the due date, and you have no other financial resources available to pay your bill, past due accounts are subject to the following actions:

  • GCC reserves the right to cancel your class schedule for nonpayment.
  • You will be denied additional services such as:  future registration, release of your grades, or release of academic transcripts until your bill is paid in full.
  • Past due accounts with balances of $100 or greater will be assessed a one-time $35 late fee per semester.
  • Your account will be submitted to a collection agency and you will be responsible for additional collection charges of up to 22.7% of your unpaid balance.
  • Your account will be reported to the Massachusetts Debt Intercept Program (balances of $25 or greater) where state and federal payments due you, including state tax refunds, will be intercepted and transferred to Greenfield Community College until your bill is paid in full. Debt Intercept Program: Overdue accounts are subject to Mass. Department of Revenue intercept of state and federal payments, including state tax refunds (MGL C.62D). Please contact the Bursar’s Office to dispute overdue charges or submit a written request for a hearing as allowed under MGL C.30A.
  • A $10 late fee may be charged to payment plan accounts for each month a payment is more than 30 days past due.