Massachusetts National Guard Welcome Home Tuition and Fee Waiver (Code 12)

The Massachusetts National Guard Education Assistance Program provides a 100% tuition and fee waiver for Massachusetts National Guard soldiers attending a state college, university, or community college program. Generally, these state-supported programs are offered during the day as part of a degree program. Your assistance can continue as long as you are in good standing academically and until you have reached 130 semester hours.

This waiver is available to an active member of the Massachusetts Army or Air National Guard who is in good standing and meets the following criteria:

  • Is accepted for admission to, or is enrolled, full- or part-time in a Massachusetts public institution of higher education, as defined above.
  • Is eligible to receive and has been issued a Certificate of Eligibility by the Military Division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts applicable for any portion of the academic year.
  • Has not exceeded the 130 semester credit hours maximum, or the equivalent quarter hours or clock hours, when combined with Certificates of Eligibility issued prior to September 1, 2006.
  • Maintains satisfactory academic progress as defined by the institution.

It is the responsibility of each National Guard member to maintain his/her eligibility for educational assistance during the life of each Certificate of Eligibility. The member is also responsible for providing the Certificate of Eligibility to the proper official at the institution, as designated, and in a timely manner to facilitate awarding of the waivers.

It is the responsibility of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Military Division to inform the institution of the status of any member of the National Guard who has failed to maintain good standing or has terminated his/ her service. Upon receipt of this information, the institution must determine if the award may be canceled for that academic term or for such future terms to follow.

Required documentation

As of December 1, 2008 each soldier must apply online at to obtain a new “Certificate of Eligibility” for required college credits. Students must submit an updated “Certificate of Eligibility” along with the GCC Tuition Waiver Certification Form to our Financial Aid Office each semester for which you are requesting the waiver.

Charges waived

  • 100% of all tuition categories
  • 100% of all mandatory fees
  • No other fees are waived