Senior Citizen (Code 2 or Code 42)

Persons over the age of 60 as of the first day of classes.

Required documentation

Students must provide to our Enrollment Services Office a valid photo ID showing date of birth.
For Art (paint) classes, an additional $20.00 charge per credit is not waived.

Charges waived

If you do not have a baccalaureate degree:

  • 100% day in-state (state-supported) tuition
  • 100% day in-state DCE (D/D non state-supported) tuition
  • 100% evening tuition
  • 100% intersession tuition
  • 100% summer tuition
  • 50% College Service Fee
  • No other fees are waived

If you do have a baccalaureate degree:

  • 50% College Service Fee
  • No tuition charges or other fees are waived

Fees not waived:

  • Student Activity Fee
  • Health Administration Fee
  • Senior Art Fee (painting classes)
  • Program or course fees
  • Senior Art Fee (painting classes)

Registration/Waiver Process:

  • If you’ve used a senior waiver in the past, an informational hold has been entered on your GCC account that will serve to alert both you and your Academic Advisor of the date you can begin registering for classes if you wish to use the senior waiver. The scheduled dates for the 2021/2022 academic year: Summer II 2021: Registration begins 7/1/21, Fall 2021: Registration begins 8/24/21, Winter intersession 2022: Registration begins 12/20/21, & Spring 2022: Registration begins 1/10/22.
  • If you do not plan to use the senior waiver, you can register at any time once registration begins for the semester. You will be responsible for paying the full costs for any classes you register for prior to the above dates. The waiver cannot be used for those classes.
  • If you plan to use the senior waiver, registration begins approximately two weeks prior to the first day of classes for each semester, on a seat available basis.
  • For each semester that you plan to use the senior waiver, a senior waiver form must be completed by you and approved by a designated official from our Enrollment Services Office at the college. Eligibility requirements must be met. Students who qualify for the waiver, should refer to the Official Senior Waiver form for registration instructions.

Questions about registration should be emailed to the Enrollment Services Office ( or the
Advising Center ( Questions about the waiver, billing, and payment should be emailed to theBursar’s Office (

Senior waivers for non-credit classes are approved separately on a case by case basis by our Community Ed/Workforce Development Department. To inquire about waivers for non-credit senior waivers, call 775-1609.