Shark Tank Sign-Up!

Welcome back, everybody!

It’s that time of year again as the GCC Business Club gets ready for their second annual Shark Tank Business Pitch Competition!

The deadline is fast approaching as our club members and fellow GCC students team up to take on the business pitch event by forming their ideas on paper. Students will be competing for a multitude of cash prizes and product offerings brought to you by our local Western Massachusetts business sponsors! Our list of sponsors and prizes has nearly tripled in the last year thanks to phenomenal work and effort shown by our club President Jamie Cocco and others! Shout-out to Jamie!

If you’re interested in joining us for this memorable event, stop by the Hammond Business Studio located in the East Building and have a chat with virtually anyone in there as to how you can get involved! Applications will be made available by the Business Club alongside a Pitch Camp opportunity for those students seeking additional resources or help in producing their own business pitch ideas! We’re here to help you, so don’t be shy! You could win this year!


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Let us know what you think about the Shark Tank Event and all of the other business related events and activities taking place here in Western Massachusetts by simply commenting below! Our team of BIT Bloggers are always prepared to answer any questions or inquires you may have!

Back in Business!

Welcome back, everybody!

It sure has been a long time since our last post, but now that the summer is over and schools in session, we’re back up and blogging!

This semester our two BIT Bloggers will be updating you, the community, on all the business related events and activities taking place here in the Pioneer Valley / Western Mass. on a weekly basis!

Expect posts to be uploaded every Tuesday by noon time (EST)

If you have any news that you want to share with us, and the community, feel free to leave a comment and contact info below! You can also reach us in The Hammond Business Studio located in the East Building on Greenfield Community College Campus right across from the North Building at any time!

Remember, we’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation; are you in?

– The BIT Bloggers

Big Apple Bites – A Huge Success!

Welcome back, everybody!

For this week’s segment we’ll be taking a look at the GCC Business Club’s most recent success!

10 lucky GCC Business Club members lead by Professor Thom Simmons, his life partner Dan Tyrell, and Professor Doug Wilkinson, recently got the chance to visit New York City on a club trip that allowed them to substantially further their horizons in the business field! Members of the business club slept over night from the 13th to the 16th of April at the Jazz on Columbus Circle Hostel where they were able to walk to virtually any location in downtown Manhattan during their stay in the big apple. The club trip consisted of numerous educational events and activities like the Squeaky Wheel Media HQ Tour, the Mast Chocolate Factory Tour, and the NBC Studios Tour at Rockefeller Plaza! Students also got the chance to watch live theater performances on Broadway as they attended “Something Rotten” on April 14th which did a fantastic take on Shakespearean plays with a plot twist of hilarious comedy added to the mix. On the last night members of the business club joined together to celebrate all their hard work at Yankee Stadium where they watched the New York Yankees play the Seattle Mariners.

The Business Club would just like to thank Greenfield Community College President Bob Pura, the student senate, Professor Thom Simmons, Dan Tyrell, and Professor Doug Wilkinson for all that they’ve done to provide such an incredible opportunity for their students!

Without them none of this would be possible!

Hammond Business Studio – Faculty Profiles

Welcome back, everybody!

We are currently in the process of uploading the business department’s faculty profiles and pictures!

For now, here’s a group picture that includes 9 of our 17 faculty staff members!

Top Row From Left To Right - Tom Fredrick, Thom Simmons, Jeff Galbraith, Doug Wilkins Bottom Row From Left To Right - Sarah Wing, Michelle Barthelemy, Mike Assaf, Jeanne Dodge, Martha Field

Top Row From Left To Right – Tom Fredrick, Thom Simmons, Jeff Galbraith, Doug Wilkins
Bottom Row From Left To Right – Sarah Wing, Michelle Barthelemy, Mike Assaf, Jeanne Dodge, Martha Field


Missing from photo: Denise Griffen, Tina Stevens, Diane Gaspard, Dennis Ineman, Brian Luippold, Cynthia Scott, Amber Ortizhoughton, Tom Williams

Feel free to stop by The Hammond Business Studio in the East Building and chat us up sometime! We’re always busy, but never too busy, and we promise we don’t bite!

– The BIT Bloggers

Back Up & Blogging

Welcome back, everybody!

it has been quite some time since our last official update, but we’re finally back up and blogging!

For this week’s segment we’ll be covering some major upcoming events and activities here at Greenfield Community College. First thing’s first, support your local GCC Business Club by stopping by the Hammond Business Studio located over in the East-Building or simply by speaking with any of our members for your chance at receiving free coffee year-round with a purchase of a $10 coffee mug that goes straight towards future events and activities hosted by the Business Club. Coffee will be made available on a consistent basis here on campus and mugs will be periodically sold and displayed around campus in the near future!

Reality Fair is fast approaching here at GCC, and The Financial Aid office would like to inform you on how you can get involved and what you can expect from participating in such an incredible learning experience! Volunteers will be assigned a station in which high-school students in the area will be able to stop at to discuss and formulate a financial plan regarding their desired future profession! This teaches students at the high-school undergraduate level how to wisely invest their money, plan for unexpected expenses, and overall developing a stronger sense of what it means to be an adult with bills to pay. Stop by the Financial Aid office and ask to speak with Amy Proietti or email for any additional information on how you can get involved or check out our past blog posts on the subject!

We’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation! Are you in?

  • The BIT Bloggers

Musica Franklin

Welcome back, everyone!

For this week’s topic we will be highlighting the Business Club’s newest project. The Business Club recently signed on to help a local non-profit organization known as “Musica Franklin” to market their new business to the community in an effort to raise money for the less fortunate youth in the area. Musica Franklin focuses on music therapy as a means of nurturing valuable skills that otherwise would never become available to these less fortunate recipients. Although music is their primary focus, Musica Franklin strives to improve these children’s lives by providing nutritious snacks and transportation to and from their facility. Higher-education, inter-social connectivity, and health/wellbeing are consistent throughout Musica Franklin’s core beliefs. The Business Department Staff and The BIT Bloggers would like to thank you all for your part in growing our community here in the Pioneer Valley!

If you’re interested in the future success of Musica Franklin and the opportunity to change a child’s life for the better, contact us here in the Hammond Studio at virtually anytime or email us at 

We’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation! Are you in?

– The BIT Bloggers

First Annual Business Club “Shark Tank” Event

Welcome back, everyone!

We all hope you had a great Thanksgiving! On November 20th the Business Club held their first annual “Shark Tank” event! The winner, who will move on to represent GCC at next year’s Grinspoon, Garvey & Young Entrepreneurs Conference, is Mario Gonzalez Castillo! His business pitch involved kick-starting a non-profit community organized garden right here in Greenfield MA. We got the chance to catch up with Mario and ask him about his experience in winning and this is what he he had to say!

Mario says “winning felt like my first real step towards achieving greater community interaction here in Greenfield, allowing us to unite and assist those truly in need of a helping hand.” Mario saw this opportunity as a way of giving back to our community after everything the community here at GCC has allowed him to accomplish. Winning came as a complete surprise, but having the support of his friends, family, and teachers, made all the difference. Mario plans to move forward by putting these sorts of projects in motion around other parts of Franklin County, and aims to inspire future leaders in the Western Massachusetts area to take action within their communities. “Anyone has the power to do it, so risk it to get the biscuit”, says Mario.

Share your recent success stories with us by emailing us at or simply stop by our office in the Hammond Studio located in the East Building! (E-132T)

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Refresher Update

Welcome back, everyone!

Aside from our usual weekly blog post, we here in the Hammond Studio would just like to briefly update you all on The Business Club’s upcoming Shark Tank Event, set for eight days from today on Friday, November 20th (GCC Dinning Commons @ 2:00pm).

First things first, we’d like to give a huge thanks to all participants and sponsors for helping us fund what is expected to be an incredible experience alongside a head-turning success! Without the assistance of our local Western Massachusetts businesses, none of this would be possible! Thanks to them we are able to provide not only a thoughtfully structured and well-organized learning experience, but not to mention food catering services, live music during intermission, gift prizes for our audience members, and most importantly, a panel of highly regarded judges from Valley Venture Mentors! All that being said, opportunities such as these wouldn’t be possible without a team of dedicated event organizers.

Special Thanks to our Marketing Team Leader, Jamie Cocco & Program Development Team Leader, Laura DiLuzio!

We’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation; are you in?

– The BIT Bloggers

The GCC Reality Fair

Welcome back, everyone!

This week’s segment will be focusing on the upcoming GCC Reality Fair Event taking place here at GCC. The event date is scheduled for Thursday, March 24th, 2016 and is sure to be a head-turning success!

For the past couple years this event has been offering high-school seniors such as those studying at Turners Falls, Greenfield, and Four Rivers Charter School, with an amazing opportunity that allows them to gain greater exposure to the financials aspects they’ll face later on in life; all done with a helping hand from our very own Greenfield Community College Staff Members and Volunteers. Students attending the Reality Fair Event can expect to spend half of their day fulfilling the shoes of their 25-year-old self, starting off the event with an assigned starting salary that will be used to manage all sorts of basic and not-so basic essentials towards a sustainable and financially responsible future. Students will be expected to balance their new found salaries in order to properly “pay for” things such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, food, and some not-so essential things such as entertainment and travel. Alongside the task of balancing their salaries, students are encouraged to distinguish their “wants” from their “needs” by putting aside 10% of their income in order to save up for a longterm retirement plan and short-term investment opportunities.

If you’re interested in lending a helping hand and participating in this incredible learning experience as a volunteer, please contact us at or contact the event director Amy Proietti at for more information!

We’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation; are you in?

– The BIT Bloggers

Creating a Pitch!

Welcome back! The Business Club’s “Shark Tank” Pitch Contest on November 20th is coming up soon! Bear in mind that ANYONE can enter and pitch their idea! Stuck on how to create your pitch? Here’s the Business Club’s own Jamie Cocco giving a tutorial on how to make that perfect pitch in a few easy steps! Check it out!!

 Business Club Great Pitch Video #

Also, some local businesses have been added to the list of sponsors for the “Shark Tank” event! Take a look!

Do+Make Business District

Angela Lussier is the founder of The Do+Make Business District is an online community + school for small business owners to learn, grow, and build. Through monthly classes, challenges, and community support, members get the tools and skills they need to create their enterprise. Angela is also the author of the new book, Who’s With Us? From Wondering to Knowing if You Should Start a Business in 21 Days. Full of self-assessments, stories from business owners who took the leap, and thought provoking questions, this book helps readers shorten the worry about business ownership and gets them moving forward with their new career plan.

Two Feather Restoration

Like the idea of turning old into new! Check out and see how we recycle vintage era RV’s and trailers. We can even turn them into tiny cozy houses! Whether you want to restore or sell your old RV or buy a classic, TwoFeatherRestorations, is at your service.

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