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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College
GCC’s civic engagement and service learning initiative is designed to help students become better prepared to be positively engaged citizens in the community.

GCC has numerous rich partnerships with local for profit and not-for profit businesses and organizations that we will be working with throughout the year.  We will provide programs and related opportunities throughout the year that allow students to get hands on experience in serving the community that address issues related to social justice, food scarcity, financial literacy, sustainability and environmental progress.

Students interested in service learning and volunteer opportunities should contact the Office of Student Activities and Community Service.

Concepts and definitions


Civic Engagement” is an umbrella term that encompasses both “Civic Learning” and “Service Learning.”

Civic Learning can occur both in and out of the classroom and allows students to learn about social issues, the role of government, policy solutions, and the opportunities for involvement within these systems.

Service Learning can also occur both in and out of the classroom. Service learning involves engagement in a meaningful community based project that mutually benefits the volunteer and (those) being served.  What makes this experience “service learning’ is the added component of reflection on the service being provided and how one might contribute to a more permanent resolution of the social issue being explored.

Intended outcomes

Through participation in these programs, our goal is for students to:

  • develop and enhance leadership skills that contribute to the betterment of society
  • personal growth and empowerment
  • acquire knowledge, skills, and values that lead to a long-term commitment to creating improvements in our local and global community