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Summer I - Starts May 24Summer II - Starts July 15

ACC 203–3 Management Accounting

ANT 104–1 Cultural Anthropology: Tribes, States and the Global System

ART 247–1 Painting: On Location and in the Studio

BIO 215–1 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 215–3 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 130–1 Human Nutrition

BIO 130L–1 Human Nutrition Lab

BIO 205–1 Microbiology

CIS 140–1 Microcomputer Software Tools I

ECO 113–1 Environmental Economics

ECO 102–1 Principles of Microeconomics

EDU 133–13 Day Care Administration

EDU 112–13 Early Childhood Special Education

EMS 101–1 Emergency Medical Technician- Basic

EMS 204–1 Management of Cardiovascular Emergencies

EMS 204–3 Management of Cardiovascular Emergencies

ENG 090–1 College Writing Strategies

ENG 101–1 English Composition I: Expository Writing

ENG 116–13 English Composition II: Analysis of Literature and Film

ENG 114–1 English Composition II: Literature and Creative Writing

ENG 247–1 Women in Literature I

HIS 105–1 History of the American People to 1865

MAT 107–13 College Algebra

MAT 114–1 Introduction to Statistics

MAT 095–1 Introductory Algebra

PCS 141–1 Interpersonal Communication

PHI 103–1 Introduction to Philosophy

PSY 209–1 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 217–1 Human Growth and Development

PSY 101–1 Principles of Psychology

SCI 117–1 Meteorology

SOC 101–1 Principles of Sociology

SOC 101–3 Principles of Sociology

SPA 101–1 Elementary Spanish I

THE 101–1 Introduction to Theater

AGR 110–2 Beekeeping

BIO 126–2 Biology I

BIO 126–13 Biology I

BIO 216–2 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 216–4 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BUS 111–2 Introduction to Business

CMN 153–2 Media and Popular Culture

CSC 101–13 Programming Foundations

ECO 101–2 Principles of Macroeconomics

ENG 207–2 Creative Writing and Literature: Themes and Methods

ENG 101–2 English Composition I: Expository Writing

ENG 112–2 English Composition II: Exploring Literature

EVS 101–13 Environmental Studies: Issues in Sustainability

HIS 106–2 History of the American People Since 1865

HIS 218–2 Women and Gender in the American West to 1920 CE

MAT 090–2 Basic Mathematics Skills

MAT 096–13 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 117–2 Mathematical Problem Solving

MAT 108–13 Precalculus

MAT 014–2 Preparatory Course for Statistics

NUR 112–2 Introduction to Professional Nursing and the Nursing Process

PCS 101–2 Public Speaking

PHI 104–2 Introduction to Ethics

POL 101–2 American Politics

PSY 217–4 Human Growth and Development

PSY 217–2 Human Growth and Development

PSY 101–2 Principles of Psychology

SCI 103–2 Astronomy

SOC 101–1 Principles of Sociology

SOC 201–2 Social Problems

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Summer I

Summer II

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