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Steve Harris Network Manager Information Technology 1-413-775-1362 N307A
Vincent Longo Server Administrator IT 775-1360 IT
Diane Franklin System Analyst I Information Technology 1-413-775-1367 E127A
Anthony Gasperini System Analyst IV Information Technology 1-413-775-1359 C302
Robin Howard Computer Operator Information Technology 1-413-775-1356 N312
Corey Ames System Analyst I Information Technology 1-413-775-1363 N310
Laurie Parker Assistant Registrar 1-413-775-1807 C103
Lou Peugh Academic Counselor Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1848 C118F
Beth LaPorte Assistant Financial Aid 1-413-775-1104 C102
Richard Little Adjunct Faculty Geology 1-413-775-1413 N348
Carol Leary Administrative Assistant Wellness Center 1-413-775-1332 C424
Laura Earl Staff Assistant Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1816 C205
Sue Belcher Staff Assistant Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1205 C205
Simon Walsh Adjunct Faculty English 1-413-775-1247 N317
Judy Raper Director of Student Development Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1819 E101
Kathleen Maisto Coordinator Transfer Office 1-413-775-1207 C118D
Matthew Shippee Chair, Music Department Music 1-413-775-1228 S334
Regina Curtis Executive Director of Resource Development & GCC Foundation Development 1-413-775-1426 N211
Randy Kness Staff Assistant Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1319 C401
Julie Shaw Academic Counselor Academic Advising 1-413-775-1398 C214A
Jeanne Dodge Adjunct Faculty MOM 1-413-775-1453 E132H
Karen Phillips Comptroller Business Office 1-413-775-1305 S434
Jim Connelly Accountant Business Office 1-413-775-1304 S436
Glenn Howe Bursar Bursar's Office 1-413-775-1303 C102A
Tim Braim Chief Financial Officer Business Office 1-413-775-1311 S435
Nicole Crafts Administrative Assistant Engineering, Math, Nursing and Science 1-413-775-1440 N421B
Linda Desjardins Director Financial Aid 1-413-775-1105 C102
Alecia Bardwell Accountant Bursar's Office 1-413-775-1317 C102
Debra Washer Applications Manager Information Technology 1-413-775-1361 C302C
Kathy Wegrzyn (formerly Mielnikowski) System Analyst II Information Technology 1-413-775-1358 C302A
Jan Ross Administrative Assistant Humanities 1-413-775-1220 S322C
David Ram Faculty English 1-413-775-1824 N321
Michelle Barthelemy Faculty Business 1-413-775-1481 E132K
Evelyn Tillotson Administrative Assistant Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1339 C118
Alan Miner Superintendent of Grounds Garage 1-413-775-1742 G01
Aileen Jones Adjunct Faculty English 1-413-775-1182 N316
Andrea Carlin Accounting/Database Coordinator Foundation 1-413-775-1470 N212
Ann Forcier Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-585-5185
Annette Moise Registered Nurse Health Services 1-413-775-1431 N348
Anna Berry Dean of Students Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1868 C205B
Bob Barba Coordinator STEM 775-1472 S418
Bradley Bellville Plumber Plant Operations 1-413-775-1705 N119
Anne Wiley Adjunct Faculty Psychology, Women's Studies 1-413-775-1132 E116E
Breta Petraccia Adjunct Faculty Art 1-413-775-1348 S223
Brian Luippold Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1752 E132S
Budge Hyde Adjunct Faculty Art 1-413-775-1231 S224
Catharine Steadman-Ball Adjunct Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1249 N248
Carol Sartz Adjunct Faculty Education 1-413-775-1139 E116B
Charlotte Gifford Chair, World Languages Department World Languages 1-413-775-1227 N223
Cheri Ducharme Adjunct Faculty Nursing
Cheryl Howard Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1476 N413
Christine Copeland Program Assistant Science 775-1440 N421
Christine Harris 1-413-775-1000
Catherine Devlin Coordinator of Student Assessment Testing Center 1-413-775-1147 C110
Christopher Bascomb Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752 E120
Cindy Peterson Administrative Assistant Public Safety 1-413-775-1214 S110
Christine Monahan Faculty English 1-413-775-1273 N316
Colleen Caffery Coordinator Wellness Center/Disability Services 1-413-775-1812 C428
Cristin Carpenter Faculty ESOL 1-413-775-1226 N230
Dana McGuffey Utility Plant Operator Plant Operations 1-413-775-1721 N120
David Lanoie Coordinator Criminal Justice 1-413-775-1167 E132L
David Robert Painter II Plant Operations 1-413-775-1707 CB02
David Waldfogel Adjunct Faculty Political Science 1-413-775-1176 E116E
David Makinster Adjunct Faculty Humanities 1-413-775-1265 N324
Dawn Josefski Director EMS and Fire Science Technology 1-413-775-1761 E130B
Dennis Koonz Publications Coordinator Marketing & Publications 1-413-775-1364 N205
Diana Roberts Mail Clerk Mail Services 1-413-775-1712 N313
Donna Barton Staff Assistant Human Resources 1-413-775-1314 S424
Deborah Chown Director Library 1-413-775-1832 C300M
Doug Wilkins Faculty Computer Information Systems 1-413-775-1480 E132P
Elizabeth Lacy-Limoges Adjunct Faculty World Languages N222
Frank Peterson Building Maintenance Supervisor Plant Operations 1-413-775-1701 N112
Fraser Stowe Evening Media Technician Educational Technology Center 1-413-775-1867 E127A
Garry Longe Instructional Media Specialist Educational Technology Center 1-413-775-1843 S306A
Erica Goleman Manager of Web Services Information Technology 1-413-775-1491 N209
George Price Adjunct Faculty Geology 1-413-775-1440 N348
Greg Vouros Adjunct Faculty Anthropology 1-413-775-1752 DCE
Hope Schneider Library Assistant Library 1-413-775-1833 C310
Holly Lovelace Veterans Certifying Official Veterans Center 1-413-775-1885 N215
Ilie Taraburca Police Officer Public Safety 1-413-775-1212 S110
Ian Winokur Faculty Math 1-413-775-1445 N404
John Canon MAC Lab Manager & IT Support and Training Information Technology 1-413-775-1365 S211A
James Hall Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1723 CB16
James Brisson Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1719 CB16
Jan Luzzi Adjunct Faculty Professional Studies 1-413-775-1762 E116B
Jeffrey Galbraith Faculty Accounting 1-413-775-1483 E132M
Jennifer Burrill Faculty Math 1-413-775-1478 N410
Jennifer Simms Faculty Art 1-413-775-1298 S227
Jennifer Williams Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1440 S407
Joan O'Beirne Faculty Art 1-413-775-1898 S228
John Berneche 1-413-775-1000
Joanne Hayes Adjunct Faculty English 1-413-775-1230 N319
John Chapman Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1724 CB16
John O'Brien Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761
Joseph Lavoie Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1197 E132R
Joshua Becker Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1140 E116H
Karen Truehart A/V Tech II Educational Technology Center 1-413-775-1842 S306
Kate Sullivan Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752 E123C
Katharine Daube Adjunct Faculty Sociology 413-775-1752 E116E
Kate Finnegan Adjunct Faculty Education 1-413-775-1125 E116M
Kathy Maleno Offset Dup Tech II Central Services 1-413-775-1727 CB14
Kendra Sherwin Assistant Testing Center 1-413-775-1821 C110
Kimberley Morin Faculty Personal Communication 1-413-775-1278 S325
Kim Audette Program Assistant Education 1-413-775-1270 E116K
Leo Hwang Dean Humanities 1-413-775-1221 S322B
Linda Cavanaugh Co-Chair, Math Department Math 1-413-775-1455 N420
Lillian Ruiz Faculty English 1-413-775-1236 N328A
Linda McCarthy Faculty Social Sciences 1-413-775-1154 E116N
Lisa Cox Adjunct Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1341 N222
Lindsay Stromgren Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1752 E120
Liz Carroll Marketing Coordinator Marketing & Publications 1-413-775-1420 N203
Lisa Sheldon Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1467 S405
Lucinda Brown Trial Court Community Relations Coordinator 772-8711 DB04
Lynn Benander Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1472
Margaret Olin Adjunct Faculty ESOL 1-413-775-1130 N319
Margarita Shannon Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1475 N416
Maria Williams-Russell Adjunct Faculty Humanities/English 1-413-775-1146 N317
Marisol Torres
Margery Heins Adjunct Faculty Music 1-413-775-1171 S201
Mary Ellen Fydenkevez Dean Engineering, Math, Nursing and Science 1-413-775-1469 N421A
Martha Field Faculty Economics/Business 1-413-775-1421 E132F
Mary Ford
Mary Jane Connelly Payroll Accountant Business Office 1-413-775-1307 S430
Mary Lisa Murphy Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E120
Mary Phillips Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1757 E121D
Matthew Sandler Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761 E130
Michael Lally Adjunct Faculty Geography 1-413-775-1269 S202
Molly Hale Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1401 S438D
Montserrat Archbald Staff Assistant Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1331 C401
Monty Ruff Faculty Paramedic Certificate Program 1-413-775-1754 E130A
Nancy Craig-Williams Assistant Dean of Nursing Nursing 1-413-775-1758 E120A
Norman Beebe Peer Tutoring Program Co-Coordinator Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1333 C410
Norma Quesada Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1282 N221
Norman Muller Adjunct Faculty Business, Computer Information Systems 1-413-775-1484 E132G
Robert OMeara Adjunct Faculty Political Science 1-413-775-1752 DCE
Paul Kuzeja Adjunct Faculty Biology 775-1440 S407
Paul Lindale Chair, Art Department Art 1-413-775-1241 S217
Pegge Howland Curator, Archibald MacLeish Collection Library 775-1835 C300H
Penne Krol Faculty Art 1-413-775-1232 S218
Peter Rosnick Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1441 S413
Phyllis Keenan Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1449 N413
Rebecca Devino Assistant Plant Operations 1-413-775-1700 N116
Patricia Wachter Academic Counselor Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1202 C118C
Robert LaPalme Coordinator Fitness Center 1-413-775-1143 E109A
Robert McGuigan Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1477 N411
Ronnie Booxbaum Adjunct Faculty Anthropology 1-413-775-1871 E123C
Sandra Gokey Faculty Math 1-413-775-1447 N412
Sarah Wing Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1752 E121J
Saul Sherter Adjunct Faculty History 1-413-775-1234 S202
Sandra Mizula Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761 E130
Scott Herstad Faculty English 1-413-775-1250 N322
Scott Chapman Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752 E123C
Rosemarie Freeland Women's Resource Center Coordinator Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1114 C212A
Shannon Larange President's Staff Assistant President's Office 1-413-775-1410 C202
Solomon Abraham Faculty Math 1-413-775-1400 N411
Sharon Arslanian Adjunct Faculty Dance 1-413-775-1456 E108
Solon Sadoway Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1276 E166
Stephen Gaughan Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761 E123C
Stephen Poulin Chair English 1-413-775-1233 N326
Stephen Roy Adjunct Faculty Leisure Education 1-413-775-1752 E109
Susan Pratt Coordinator, GCC Nurse Aide Program Community Education 1-413-775-1672 D311
Suzanne McGowan Adjunct Faculty Engineering, Math, Natural & Social Sciences 1-413-775-1220
Ted Johnson Faculty Science 1-413-775-1429 S419D
Terry Smith Circulation Assistant Library 1-413-775-1837 CH313
Thom Simmons Faculty Business 775-1482 E132D
Tigran Ayrapetyan System Analyst I Business Office 1-413-775-1302 S432
Timothy Goodhind Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1752
Teresa Jones Faculty Science 1-413-775-1462 S419B
Todd Berthiaume Telecommunications Technician Information Technology 1-413-775-1715 N309
Tom Harrison Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1752
Tony Torres Utility Plant Operator Plant Operations 1-413-775-1750 N114
Tom Young Adjunct Faculty Art 775-1394 S223
Trevor Kearns Faculty English 1-413-775-1264 N320
Terry Boyce Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1123 E121H
Val Wong Assistant Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1112/775-1345 C205/N421
Walker Korby Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 1-413-775-1752 E132B
Wendy Barnes Faculty English 1-413-775-1283 N325
William Gran Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1440
William O'Connell Adjunct Faculty Humanities/English 775-1390 N324
Virginia Wahl Adjunct Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-727-8113
Walter Nieliwocki Adjunct Faculty Criminal Justice 1-413-775-1136 E132C
Kathy Forster HR Coordinator Human Resources 1-413-775-1315 S424B
Mary Dent Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1756 E121E
Amy Ehmann Faculty Engineering, Math 1-413-775-1172 S419E
Revan Schendler Adjunct Faculty Sociology 1-413-775-1349 E123C
Thomas Benjamin Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1866 S305
John Greene Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1761
Dennis Ineman Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1823 E132R
Timothy Blagg Adjunct Faculty History 1-413-775-1280 S202
Jay Gump Faculty Science 1-413-775-1152 S419A
Roy Richardson Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1722 CB16
Andrew Helgerson Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1722 CB16
Marilyn Odeh Accountant Business Office 1-413-775-1321 S429
Jeanne Rees Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1440 N416
Caitlin Worth Faculty Math 1-413-775-1466 N419
Amy Proietti Coordinator of Financial Aid Financial Aid 1-413-775-1103 C102C
Diane Gaspard Adjunct Faculty Business 413-775-1752 E132K
Geraldine Voudren Support Staff Food Services 775-1177 Cafe
Trish Basford Faculty Chemistry 1-413-775-1862 S409
Ryan Aiken Director of Purchasing and Business Services Business Office 1-413-775-1309 S425
Alan Ballou System Analyst II Information Technology 1-413-775-1352 C302B
Jeffrey Marques Director Plant Operations 1-413-775-1700 N116A
Larry Buell Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 413-775-1752
Paul Palazzo Adjunct Faculty Criminal Justice 1-413-775-1149 E132C
Corrina Steward Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 1-413-775-1752 E132B
Susan Sweeney Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E123B
Darren Sallee Motor Equipment Mechanic II Plant Operations 1-413-775-1743 G01
Liza Harrington Coordinator Library 1-413-775-1836 C300L
Jean Martin Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1216 E132D
Brian Miner Photography Assistant Marketing and Publications 775-1364
Cynthia Scott Adjunct Faculty MOM 1-413-775-1752 E132G
Natalie Feliciano Science Division Safety Officer Science 1-413-775-1861 S415
Keith Bailey Grants Coordinator Development 1-413-775-1406 N210
Erica Farelli Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1865 N418
Brian Kapitulik Dean Business, Information Technology, professional Studies & Soc 1-413-775-1471 E120C
Karen Mathers Administrative Assistant Workforce Development & Community Education 1-413-775-1677 D103
Kelly Popoff Faculty Art 1-413-775-1240 S222
David Owen Adjunct Faculty Paramedic Certificate Program 1-413-775-1761 E130
Susan Markush Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1156 S410
Henry Malek Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1722 CB16
Yevgeniy Stytsenko Clerk IV Financial Aid 1-413-775-1102 C102
Michelle Willard Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1206 E121J
Melanie Zamojski Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1763 E121B
Shawn Fellows Support Staff Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1837
Natalie Alexander Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1873 E123B
Zachary Smith Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752
Duane Nichols Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1752
Meg Van Dyck Adjunct Faculty Dance 1-413-775-1262 E109
Marie Breheny Director of Assessment Institutional Support & Advancement 1-413-775-1397 C414
Vanessa Brewster Adjunct Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1845 N248
Mary McEntee Coordinator Student Life 1-413-775-1203 C216A
Jeremy Toal Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1440 S340
Rachel Smith Intern Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1339
Abrah Dresdale Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 1-413-775-1107 E132B
Shawn Lucas Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1347 N416
Ray Godin Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1761
Karen Wlostoski Adjunct Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-727-8113 Florence
Kristen Daley Adjunct Faculty Professional Studies 775-1752
Anthony Reiber Greenhouse/Science Lab Technician Science 1-413-775-1366 S411
Amanda Hyde Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1450 S414
Andrew Stachiw Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 1-413-775-1440 E132B
Jessica Turner Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1142 N416
Mitchell Walkowicz Adjunct Faculty Science/Biology 1-413-775-1440
David Williamson Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1866 E132R
Amber Scoon Adjunct Faculty Humanities 1-413-775-1225
Tom Geha Adjunct Faculty Theater 1-413-775-1847 S326
Keith Zaltzberg Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 1-413-775-1440
Atta Kurzmann Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1752 E116D
Stephanie Moeckel Cole Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1175 S407
Karen Maurice Adjunct Faculty MOM 1-413-775-1752 E102
Lauren Bell Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1751 E121F
Crista Klein Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-585-5185
Elizabeth McEneaney Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1175 E116D
Laurie Meunier Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1760 E121G
Holly Fitzpatrick Registrar Registrar 1-413-775-1813 C103B
John Iverson Adjunct Faculty Leisure Education 1-413-775-1752
Lauren Mattone Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1440 N415
Terri Kerner Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E123B
Jennifer Kosakowski Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E123B
Maureen Grout Adjunct Faculty Learning Resources 1-413-775-1386 C302
Erica Travis Adjunct Faculty Leisure Education 1-413-775-1752
Alyce Stiles Dean Workforce Development & Community Education 1-413-775-1607 D105
Tyler Vouros Adjunct Faculty Humanities/Art 1-413-775-1281 S221
Liam O'Brien Adjunct Faculty History 1-413-775-1328 S202
Elizabeth Brown Faculty Math 1-413-775-1764 N415
Amy Sullivan Administrative Assistant Business, Information Technology, professional Studies & Soc 1-413-775-1752 E120D
Mike Kocsmiersky Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1121 S407
Kathleen Malsch Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1440
Shannon Compton Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1440 S418
Richard Patnode Maintainer Plant Operations 775-1700 N116
Katie Gay Adjunct Faculty Sociology 1-413-775-1216 E116D
Meaghan Pilling Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1752 116E
Cindy Snow Peer Tutoring Program Co-Coordinator Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1335 C408
Nick Meyer Adjunct Faculty Art 1-413-775-1274 S226
Kathleen Keough Learning Support Counselor Wellness Center/Counseling 1-413-775-1337 C426
Thomas Barrup Adjunct Faculty Engineering 1-413-775-1440
Jonathan Dembling Special Programs Coordinator Student & Academic Affairs 775-1488 E132E
Paul Lagreze Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 1-413-775-1440
David Saquet Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761
Janine Desgres Career Development Counselor DOL Grant 1-413-775-1308 C118A
Tony Cruz Teller Bursar's Office 775-1310 C102
Beth Kiendl Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753
Nicholas Creanza Adjunct Faculty MAC 775-1435 E121J
Aaron Levin Adjunct Faculty Engineering, Math 775-1440
Barbara Broussard Intern Trap Rock Peace Center 775-1127
Peggy Martalock Faculty Education 775-1118 E116M
Sarah Scarchilli-Janus Academic Counselor Student Services 775-1336 C214D
Gaby Stevenson Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752 E116E
Thomas Waskiewicz Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1752
Claire Tyminski Special Programs Coordinator MAC 775-1129 E115A
John Markoski Storekeeper Central Services 775-1711 CB11
Angela Roell Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Tina Stevens Adjunct Faculty Marketing S224/E132N
Amy Ford Faculty Human Services 775-1127 E116F
Bjorn Silvia Support Staff Business Office 775-1316 S429
Cheru Atraga Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Dorinda Bell-Upp Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N411
Carol Gray Adjunct Faculty Political Science 775-1752
Ashley Braziel Assistant Student development 775-1201 C216
Amber Ortizhoughton Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1440
Steven Koblinski Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Alyssa Kelly Adjunct Faculty Humanities 775-1220
Cathryn Brubaker Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1858 E116E
Jodi Nager Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N416
Beth Paulson Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440 S407
Keira Durrett Adjunct Faculty Education 775-1829 E116B
Melissa Davis Program Assistant Nursing 775-1753 and 413-585-5756 E120B
Richard Reilly Adjunct Faculty Engineering 775-1440 S419D
Kristen Cafasso Adjunct Faculty Science 775-1440
Mary Johnson Adjunct Faculty Science 775-1440
Beth Moonstone Adjunct Faculty Biology 775-1440
Kyle Bostrom Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Denise Griffin Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1870 E132N
Ellie Lobovits Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Kathy Keillor-Steinem Adjunct Faculty Dance 775-1248 E109
Elaine Lapomardo Dean Enrollment Services 775-1804 C103A
Christopher Demars Career/VetsAffairs Counselor Veterans Center 413-775-1825 N215
Sara Reid Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N411
Stephen DeGurski Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Paul Wanta Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1873 E123B
Seed Library Seed Library Library 775-1833 Library
Jason Maurice Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1144
Cindy Spelman Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1252 E116H
Peter Columbus Adjunct Faculty Political Science 775-1451
Amy-Louise Pfeffer Coordinator Farm and Food Systems 1-413-775-1489 S418
Crystal Kindle Mass. Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Student Life 775-1200 C216
Bharathi Janaswamy Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Michelle Phillips Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Timothy Dolan Librarian Library 775-1872
Matt Palmer Adjunct Faculty Sports Management 775-1752
Thomas Williams Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1752 E132R
Eric Heinzman Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N419
Deborah Habib Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Clifford Hatch Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Kyle Kendall Assistant EMS 775-1440
Kane Kurtyka Assistant EMS 775-1440
Deborah Palmeri Coordinator Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-585-5172
Launa Wentworth Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Jennie Bergeron Adjunct Faculty Social Sciences 775-1752 E132T
Wanda Banks
Peggy Shannon Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1475 N416
Josh Carreiro Adjunct Faculty Social Sciences 775-1752
John Lund Adjunct Faculty History 775-1291 S202
Laurie Mccomb Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Alice Armen Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Luke Johnson Coordinator Fitness Center 775-1143 E109A
Tamara Stenn Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1752
Christina Gagliardi Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1752
Duane Towne Clerk IV Admission Office 775-1815 C103
Nicole Hill Faculty Environment Studies 775-1454 S412
Festus Kiprono Adjunct Faculty MAT 775-1440
Cheryl Duby Adjunct Faculty NUR 775-1753
Catherine Seaver Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs Student & Academic Affairs 775-1811 C205
Nance Rifanburg Program Assistant Development Office 775-1600 N209
Tiffany Hardy Senior admission Counselor Admission Office 775-1208 C103
Bram Moreinis Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1752 E132N
Maureen Moynihan Adjunct Faculty MOM 775-1752 E121J
Mia Burek Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753
Bob Tremblay Coordinator Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1126 N112
Brandi Hoover Bookstore Manager Bookstore 775-1191 BookStore
Christina Chin MACC Americorps Vista Representativ Student Development 775-1378 C216
Margo Townley Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1752 E116E
Denise Anderson Assistant Admission Office 775-1801 C103
Christopher Streeter Adjunct Faculty Sports Management 775-1752
Tamatha Gaumnitz Academic Coordinator Transitions 775-1846 C214D
Victoria Fredrick Adjunct Faculty Accounting 775-1752
Dan Kennedy Adjunct Faculty Music
Mark Rabinsky Director Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1611 D103
Mark Hamill Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1752
Anne Fuess Chem Lab Assistant Chemistry 775-1120
Justen Stevenson Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Adam Hart Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Jeff Gifford Adjunct Faculty Engineering 775--1440
Yoav Elinevsky Adjunct Faculty MAT 775-1120
Alysha Putnam Special Programs Coordinator STEM 775-1459 S405
Charles Garrity Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 775-1752
Karen Long Administrative Assistant Title III CARES Grant 775-1375 C118
Barbara Wroblewski Coordinator Health Records 775-1432 N348
Katharine Walker Academic Counselor Title III CARES Grant 775-1354
Hillary Reale Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Melinda Fried Adjunct Faculty Biology 775-1440
Tonya Blundon Activity Coordinator Title III CARES Grant 775-1170 C118E
Liza Birnbaum Adjunct Faculty Humanities
Victoria Maillo Adjunct Faculty Spanish 775-1392
Sean Duma Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Javier Naranjo Adjunct Faculty Chemistry 775-1440
Anita Eliason Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1752
Nicole Gillett Adjunct Faculty Geography 775-1220
Anthony Ezbicki Skilled Laborer Plant Operations 775-1741 G02D
Dawn Striker Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440
Lena Kovalchuk Clerk IV Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1661 D104
Claire Lobdell Librarian Library 775-1834 C300P
E S Maintainer Maintenance 775-1700
Nicholas Emerson Maintainer Plant Operations 775-1700 CB16
Meghann Zononi Administrative Assistant Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1609 D110
Ellen Hirschberg Adjunct Faculty CNA 775-1752
Brandi Perri Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Alex Wiltz Director Public Safety 775-1212 S108
Tony Geryk Mail Clerk Mail Services 1712 CB14
Compass Compass College and Career Compass Advising Center Advising
Alyssa Arnell Faculty History 775-1255 S324
Erika Alin Adjunct Faculty Political Science 775-1752
Charles Bagley Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems
Kathleen Hulton Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Sarah Rury Adjunct Faculty NUR 775-1753
Ryan Turner Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Lindsay Nickel Adjunct Faculty NUR 775-1753
Disability Services Students
Disability Services
Edward Friedman Adjunct Faculty MAC 775-1752
Jamie Berger Adjunct Faculty English
Peggy Fallon Dual Enrollment Counselor Student development 775-1398 C214A
Andreas Tzineris Adjunct Faculty ESOL 775-1220 N230
Emily Fox Adjunct Faculty Dance 1-413-775-1259
Paul Crowley Adjunct Faculty Accounting 775-1440
Michael Pattavina Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 775-1752 E116
Donald Joy Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1458
Danielle Raad Adjunct Faculty Chemistry 775-1440
Nicholas Mardirosian Police Officer Public Safety 775-1213 S109
Andrew Webster Adjunct Faculty Engineering, Math, Nursing and Science 775-1752
Sarah Mildren Clerk IV Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1604 D104
William Salifu-Tex Police Officer Public Safety 775-1275 S109
Galina Stytsenko Maintainer Maintenance 775-1704 N115
Jim Peters Adjunct Faculty Art 775-1220
Laura Garcia Chief Information Officer Information Technology 775-1318 N308
Yves Salomon-Fernandez President President's Office 775-1412 C202
Dale Brown 413-775-1212 S110
GCC President GCC President Presidents Office 775-1412 C202
David Charron Business, Computer Information Systems Faculty Business, Computer Information Systems 413-775-1493 E132K
Ansel Zinter Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Aaron Annan Adjunct Renewable Energy Faculty Renewable Energy 775-1440
Joe Saphire Adjunct Art Faculty Art 775-1220
Patricia McPeak-Larocca Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 413-775-1759 E121C
Katherine Newell Police Officer Public Safety 775-1212 S109
Kelson Ettienne-Modeste Adjunct Biology Faculty Biology 775-1440
Brent Arsenault OLP Field Assistant Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
Greg Gaskin OLP Field Assistant Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1251
Adam O'Neil Adjunct EMS Faculty EMS 775-1752 E130
Blair Harrington Adjuct Sociology Faculty Sociology
Sean Romanski Adjuct Human Services Faculty Human Services 775-1752 E116D
Adamites Fafnir Adjunct Art Faculy Art 775-1220
Caroline Dubinsky Library Evening Desk Clerk Library 775-1837 Library
Elyssa Serrilli Adjunct Environment Studies Faculty Environment Studies 775-1752
Maxwell Wareham Adjunct Music Faculty Music 775-1220 S201
Kate Szoc Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Diana Abath Womens Resource Advocate Womens Resource Center C212A
Nick Pirelli Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives Presidents Office C202
Joshua Gaestel Instructional Media Specialist Educational Technology Center 775-1843 S306A
Joan Murphy Executive Director of Human Resources Human Resources 775-1312 S424
Wendi Tatro Adjunct Biology Faculty Biology 775-1440
Jenni Haley Annual Fund Officer Foundation 775-1425 N212
Marisa Shepherd Bookstore Manager Bookstore 775-1190
Stacy Metzger Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Marketing 775-1364 N213
Kevin Horner Adjuct OLP Faculty Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
James Sullivan Adjunct Faculty Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
Alison Dalpe Police Officer Public Safety 775-1213 S109
Kristen Whittle Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Jessamyn Smyth Adjunct Humanities Faculty Humanities 775-1220
Tae-Hyong Kim Director of Paramedic Certificate Program Paramedic Certificate Program 775-1752
Richard Adamczyk Adjunct Outdoor Leadership Program Faculty Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
Cynara Robinson Adjunct Faculty History 775-1336
Rebecca Bustillos Adjunct Dance Instructor Dance 775-1220
Annaliese Bischoff Human Development Humanities 775-1220
Carlos McBride Adjunct Humanities Faculty Humanities 775-1220
David Rice Adjunct Criminal Justice Faculty Criminal Justice 775-1752
Jon Nelson Adjunct Spanish Faculty Spanish 775-1220
Peter Menino Adjunct History Facutly History 775-1220