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Steve Harris Network Manager Information Technology 1-413-775-1362 N307A
Vincent Longo Server Administrator IT 775-1360 IT
Diane Franklin System Analyst I Information Technology 1-413-775-1367 E127A
Anthony Gasperini System Analyst IV Information Technology 1-413-775-1359 C302
Robin Howard Computer Operator Information Technology 1-413-775-1356 N312
Corey Ames System Analyst I Information Technology 1-413-775-1363 N310
Laurie Parker Assistant Registrar 1-413-775-1807 C103
Lou Peugh Academic Counselor Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1848 C118F
Beth LaPorte Assistant Financial Aid 1-413-775-1104 C102
Richard Little Adjunct Faculty Geology 1-413-775-1413 N348
Carol Leary Administrative Assistant Wellness Center 1-413-775-1332 C424
Laura Earl Staff Assistant Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1816 C103
Sue Belcher Staff Assistant Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1205 C205
Simon Walsh Adjunct Faculty English 1-413-775-1247 N317
Judy Raper Director of Student Development Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1819 E101
Kathleen Maisto Coordinator Transfer Office 1-413-775-1207 C118D
Matthew Shippee Chair, Music Department Music 1-413-775-1228 S334
Regina Curtis Executive Director of Resource Development & GCC Foundation Development 1-413-775-1426 N211
Randy Kness Staff Assistant Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1319 C401
Julie Shaw Academic Counselor Academic Advising 1-413-775-1398 C214A
Jeanne Dodge Adjunct Faculty MOM 1-413-775-1453 E132H
Karen Phillips Comptroller Business Office 1-413-775-1305 S434
Jim Connelly Accountant Business Office 1-413-775-1304 S436
Glenn Howe Bursar Bursar's Office 1-413-775-1303 C102A
Nicole Crafts Administrative Assistant Engineering, Math, Nursing and Science 1-413-775-1440 N421B
Linda Desjardins Director Financial Aid 1-413-775-1105 C102
Alecia Bardwell Accountant Bursar's Office 1-413-775-1317 C102
Debra Washer Applications Manager Information Technology 1-413-775-1361 C302C
Kathy Wegrzyn (formerly Mielnikowski) System Analyst II Information Technology 1-413-775-1358 C302A
Jan Ross Administrative Assistant Humanities 1-413-775-1220 S322C
David Ram Faculty English 1-413-775-1824 N321
Michelle Barthelemy Faculty Business 1-413-775-1481 E132K
Evelyn Tillotson Administrative Assistant Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1339 C118
Alan Miner Superintendent of Grounds Garage 1-413-775-1742 G01
Aileen Jones Adjunct Faculty English N316
Andrea Carlin Accounting/Database Coordinator Foundation 1-413-775-1470 N212
Ann Forcier Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-585-5185
Annette Moise Registered Nurse Health Services 1-413-775-1431 N348
Anna Berry Dean of Students Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1868 C103
Bob Barba Coordinator STEM 775-1472 S418
Bradley Bellville Plumber Plant Operations 1-413-775-1705 N119
Anne Wiley Adjunct Faculty Psychology, Women's Studies 1-413-775-1132 E116E
Breta Petraccia Adjunct Faculty Art 1-413-775-1348 S223
Brian Luippold Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1752 E132S
Budge Hyde Adjunct Faculty Art 1-413-775-1231 S224
Catharine Steadman-Ball Adjunct Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1249 N248
Carol Sartz Adjunct Faculty Education 1-413-775-1139 E116B
Charlotte Gifford Chair, World Languages Department World Languages 1-413-775-1227 N223
Cheri Ducharme Adjunct Faculty Nursing
Cheryl Howard Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1476 N413
Christine Copeland Program Assistant Science 775-1440 N421
Catherine Devlin Coordinator of Student Assessment Testing Center 1-413-775-1147 C110
Christopher Bascomb Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752 E120
Cindy Peterson Administrative Assistant Public Safety 1-413-775-1214 S110
Christine Monahan Faculty English 1-413-775-1273 N316
Colleen Caffery Coordinator Wellness Center/Disability Services 1-413-775-1812 C428
Cristin Carpenter Faculty ESOL 1-413-775-1226 N230
Dana McGuffey Utility Plant Operator Plant Operations 1-413-775-1721 N120
David Lanoie Coordinator Criminal Justice 1-413-775-1167 E132L
David Robert Painter II Plant Operations 1-413-775-1707 CB02
David Waldfogel Adjunct Faculty Political Science 1-413-775-1176 E116E
David Makinster Adjunct Faculty Humanities 1-413-775-1265 N324
Dawn Josefski Director EMS and Fire Science Technology 1-413-775-1761 E130B
Diana Roberts Mail Clerk Mail Services 1-413-775-1712 N313
Donna Barton Staff Assistant Human Resources 1-413-775-1314 S424
Deborah Chown Director Library 1-413-775-1832 C300M
Doug Wilkins Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 1-413-775-1480 E132D
Elizabeth Lacy-Limoges Adjunct Faculty World Languages N222
Frank Peterson Building Maintenance Supervisor Plant Operations 1-413-775-1701 N112
Erica Goleman Manager of Web Services Information Technology 1-413-775-1491 N209
George Price Adjunct Faculty Geology 1-413-775-1440 N348
Greg Vouros Adjunct Faculty Anthropology 1-413-775-1752 DCE
Hope Schneider Library Assistant Library 1-413-775-1833 C310
Holly Lovelace Veterans Certifying Official Veterans Center 1-413-775-1885 N215
Ilie Taraburca Police Officer Public Safety 1-413-775-1212 S110
John Canon MAC Lab Manager & IT Support and Training Information Technology 1-413-775-1365 S211A
James Hall Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1723 CB16
James Brisson Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1719 CB16
Jan Luzzi Adjunct Faculty Professional Studies 1-413-775-1762 E116B
Jeffrey Galbraith Faculty Accounting 1-413-775-1483 E132M
Jennifer Burrill Faculty Math 1-413-775-1478 N410
Jennifer Simms Faculty Art 1-413-775-1298 S227
Jennifer Williams Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1440 S407
Joan O'Beirne Faculty Art 1-413-775-1898 S228
Joanne Hayes Adjunct Faculty English 1-413-775-1230 N319
John Chapman Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1724 CB16
John O'Brien Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761
Joseph Lavoie Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1197 E132R
Joshua Becker Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1140 E116H
Karen Truehart A/V Tech II Educational Technology Center 1-413-775-1842 S306
Katharine Daube Adjunct Faculty Sociology 413-775-1752 E116E
Kate Finnegan Adjunct Faculty Education 1-413-775-1125 E116M
Kathy Maleno Offset Dup Tech II Central Services 1-413-775-1727 CB14
Kendra Sherwin Assistant Testing Center 1-413-775-1821 C110
Kimberley Morin Faculty Personal Communication 1-413-775-1278 S325
Kim Audette Program Assistant Education 1-413-775-1270 E116G
Leo Hwang Dean Humanities 1-413-775-1221 S322B
Linda Cavanaugh Co-Chair, Math Department Math 1-413-775-1455 N420
Lillian Ruiz Faculty English 1-413-775-1236 N328A
Linda McCarthy Faculty Social Sciences 1-413-775-1154 E116N
Lisa Cox Adjunct Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1341 N222
Lindsay Stromgren Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1752 E120
Liz Carroll Marketing Coordinator Marketing & Publications 1-413-775-1420 N203
Lisa Sheldon Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1467 S405
Lucinda Brown Trial Court Community Relations Coordinator 772-8711 DB04
Lynn Benander Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1472
Margaret Olin Adjunct Faculty ESOL 1-413-775-1130 N319
Margarita Shannon Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1475 N416
Maria Williams-Russell Adjunct Faculty Humanities/English 1-413-775-1146 N317
Margery Heins Adjunct Faculty Music 1-413-775-1171 S201
Mary Ellen Fydenkevez Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officer Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1469 C205A
Martha Field Faculty Economics/Business 1-413-775-1421 E132F
Mary Jane Connelly Payroll Accountant Business Office 1-413-775-1307 S430
Mary Lisa Murphy Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E120
Mary Phillips Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1757 E121D
Matthew Sandler Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761 E130
Michael Lally Adjunct Faculty Geography 1-413-775-1269 S202
Molly Hale Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1401 S438D
Montserrat Archbald Staff Assistant Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1331 C401
Monty Ruff Faculty Paramedic Certificate Program 1-413-775-1754 E130A
Nancy Craig-Williams Assistant Dean of Nursing Nursing 1-413-775-1758 E120A
Norman Beebe Peer Tutoring Program Co-Coordinator Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1333 C410
Norma Quesada Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1282 N221
Norman Muller Adjunct Faculty Business, Computer Information Systems 1-413-775-1484 E132G
Robert OMeara Adjunct Faculty Political Science 1-413-775-1752 DCE
Paul Kuzeja Adjunct Faculty Biology 775-1440 S407
Paul Lindale Chair, Art Department Art 1-413-775-1241 S217
Pegge Howland Curator, Archibald MacLeish Collection Library 775-1835 C300H
Penne Krol Faculty Art 1-413-775-1232 S218
Peter Rosnick Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1441 S413
Phyllis Keenan Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1449 N413
Rebecca Devino Assistant Plant Operations 1-413-775-1700 N116
Patricia Wachter Academic Counselor Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1202 C118C
Robert LaPalme Coordinator Fitness Center 1-413-775-1143 E109A
Robert McGuigan Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1477 N411
Ronnie Booxbaum Adjunct Faculty Anthropology 1-413-775-1871 E123C
Sandra Gokey Faculty Math 1-413-775-1447 N412
Sarah Wing Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1752 E121J
Saul Sherter Adjunct Faculty History 1-413-775-1234 S202
Sandra Mizula Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761 E130
Scott Herstad Faculty English 1-413-775-1250 N322
Scott Chapman Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752 E123C
Rosemarie Freeland Women's Resource Center Coordinator Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1114 C212A
Shannon Larange President's Staff Assistant President's Office 1-413-775-1410 C202
Solomon Abraham Faculty Math 1-413-775-1400 N411
Sharon Arslanian Adjunct Faculty Dance 1-413-775-1456 E108
Solon Sadoway Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1276 E166
Stephen Gaughan Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761 E123C
Stephen Poulin Chair English 1-413-775-1233 N326
Stephen Roy Adjunct Faculty Leisure Education 1-413-775-1752 E109
Susan Pratt Coordinator, GCC Nurse Aide Program Community Education 1-413-775-1672 D311
Suzanne McGowan Adjunct Faculty Engineering, Math, Natural & Social Sciences 1-413-775-1220
Ted Johnson Faculty Science 1-413-775-1429 S419D
Thom Simmons Faculty Business
Tigran Ayrapetyan System Analyst I Business Office 1-413-775-1302 S432
Timothy Goodhind Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1752
Teresa Jones Faculty Science 1-413-775-1462 S419B
Todd Berthiaume Telecommunications Technician Information Technology 1-413-775-1715 N309
Tom Harrison Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1752
Tony Torres Utility Plant Operator Plant Operations 1-413-775-1750 N114
Tom Young Adjunct Faculty Art 775-1394 S223
Trevor Kearns Faculty English 1-413-775-1264 N320
Terry Boyce Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1123 E121H
Val Wong Assistant Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1112/775-1345 C205/N421
Walker Korby Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 1-413-775-1752 E132B
Wendy Barnes Faculty English 1-413-775-1283 N325
William Gran Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1440
William O'Connell Adjunct Faculty Humanities/English 775-1390 N324
Virginia Wahl Adjunct Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-727-8113
Walter Nieliwocki Adjunct Faculty Criminal Justice 1-413-775-1136 E132C
Kathy Forster HR Coordinator Human Resources 1-413-775-1315 S424B
Mary Dent Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1756 E121E
Amy Ehmann Faculty Engineering, Math 1-413-775-1172 S419E
Revan Schendler Adjunct Faculty Sociology 1-413-775-1349 E123C
Thomas Benjamin Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1866 S305
John Greene Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1761
Dennis Ineman Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1823 E132R
Timothy Blagg Adjunct Faculty History 1-413-775-1280 S202
Jay Gump Faculty Science 1-413-775-1152 S419A
Roy Richardson Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1722 CB16
Andrew Helgerson Maintainer Plant Operations 1-413-775-1722 CB16
Marilyn Odeh Accountant Business Office 1-413-775-1321 S429
Jeanne Rees Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1440 N416
Caitlin Worth Faculty Math 1-413-775-1466 N419
Amy Proietti Coordinator of Financial Aid Financial Aid 1-413-775-1103 C102C
Diane Gaspard Adjunct Faculty Business 413-775-1752 E132K
Trish Basford Faculty Chemistry 1-413-775-1862 S409
Ryan Aiken Director of Purchasing and Business Services Business Office 1-413-775-1309 S425
Alan Ballou System Analyst II Information Technology 1-413-775-1352 C302B
Jeffrey Marques Director Plant Operations 1-413-775-1700 N116A
Paul Palazzo Adjunct Faculty Criminal Justice 1-413-775-1149 E132C
Corrina Steward Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 1-413-775-1752 E132B
Susan Sweeney Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E123B
Darren Sallee Motor Equipment Mechanic II Plant Operations 1-413-775-1743 G01
Liza Harrington Coordinator Library 1-413-775-1836 C300L
Jean Martin Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1216 E132D
Cynthia Scott Adjunct Faculty MOM 1-413-775-1752 E132G
Natalie Feliciano Science Division Safety Officer Science 1-413-775-1861 S415
Keith Bailey Grants Coordinator Development 1-413-775-1406 N210
Erica Farelli Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1865 N418
Brian Kapitulik Dean Business, Information Technology, professional Studies & Soc 1-413-775-1471 E120C
Karen Mathers Administrative Assistant Workforce Development & Community Education 1-413-775-1677 D103
Kelly Popoff Faculty Art 1-413-775-1240 S222
David Owen Adjunct Faculty Paramedic Certificate Program 1-413-775-1761 E130
Susan Markush Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1156 S410
Yevgeniy Stytsenko Clerk IV Financial Aid 1-413-775-1102 C102
Michelle Willard Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1206 E121J
Melanie Zamojski Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1763 E121B
Shawn Fellows Support Staff Student & Academic Affairs 1-413-775-1837
Natalie Alexander Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1873 E123B
Zachary Smith Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1752
Duane Nichols Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1752
Meg Van Dyck Adjunct Faculty Dance 1-413-775-1262 E109
Marie Breheny Director of Assessment Institutional Support & Advancement 1-413-775-1397 S208
Vanessa Brewster Adjunct Faculty World Languages 1-413-775-1845 N248
Mary McEntee Coordinator Student Life 1-413-775-1203 C216A
Jeremy Toal Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1440 S340
Rachel Smith Intern Academic Advising Center 1-413-775-1339
Abrah Dresdale Adjunct Faculty Environment Studies 1-413-775-1107 E132B
Shawn Lucas Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1347 N416
Ray Godin Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 1-413-775-1761
Karen Wlostoski Adjunct Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-727-8113 Florence
Kristen Daley Adjunct Faculty Professional Studies 775-1752
Anthony Reiber Greenhouse/Science Lab Technician Science 1-413-775-1366 S411
Amanda Hyde Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1450 S414
Andrew Stachiw Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 1-413-775-1440 E132B
Jessica Turner Adjunct Faculty Math 1-413-775-1142 N416
Mitchell Walkowicz Adjunct Faculty Science/Biology 1-413-775-1440
David Williamson Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1866 E132R
Amber Scoon Adjunct Faculty Humanities 1-413-775-1225
Tom Geha Adjunct Faculty Theater 1-413-775-1847 S326
Keith Zaltzberg Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 1-413-775-1440
Atta Kurzmann Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1116 E132B
Stephanie Moeckel Cole Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1175 S407
Karen Maurice Adjunct Faculty MOM 1-413-775-1752 E102
Lauren Bell Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1751 E121F
Crista Klein Faculty Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-585-5185
Elizabeth McEneaney Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1175 E116D
Laurie Meunier Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1760 E121G
Holly Fitzpatrick Registrar Registrar 1-413-775-1813 C205B
John Iverson Adjunct Faculty Leisure Education 1-413-775-1752
Lauren Mattone Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1440 N415
Terri Kerner Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E123B
Jennifer Kosakowski Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753 E123B
Maureen Grout Adjunct Faculty Learning Resources 1-413-775-1386 C302
Erica Travis Adjunct Faculty Leisure Education 1-413-775-1752
Tyler Vouros Adjunct Faculty Humanities/Art 1-413-775-1281 S221
Liam O'Brien Adjunct Faculty History 1-413-775-1328 S202
Elizabeth Brown Faculty Math 1-413-775-1764 N409
Amy Sullivan Administrative Assistant Business, Information Technology, professional Studies & Soc 1-413-775-1752 E120D
Mike Kocsmiersky Adjunct Faculty Science 1-413-775-1121 S407
Kathleen Malsch Adjunct Faculty Social & Natural Sciences, Math, Business and Technology 1-413-775-1440
Shannon Compton Adjunct Faculty Biology 1-413-775-1440 S418
Richard Patnode Maintainer Plant Operations 775-1700 N116
Katie Gay Adjunct Faculty Sociology 1-413-775-1216 E116D
Meaghan Pilling Adjunct Faculty Psychology 1-413-775-1752 116E
Cindy Snow Peer Tutoring Program Co-Coordinator Peer Tutoring 1-413-775-1335 C408
Nick Meyer Adjunct Faculty Art 1-413-775-1274 S226
Kathleen Keough Learning Support Counselor Wellness Center/Counseling 1-413-775-1337 C426
Jonathan Dembling Special Programs Coordinator Student & Academic Affairs 775-1488 E132E
Paul Lagreze Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 1-413-775-1440
David Saquet Adjunct Faculty EMS 1-413-775-1761
Janine Desgres Career Development Counselor DOL Grant 1-413-775-1308 C118A
Tony Cruz Teller Bursar's Office 775-1310 C102
Beth Kiendl Adjunct Faculty Nursing 1-413-775-1753
Nicholas Creanza Adjunct Faculty MAC 775-1435 E121J
Barbara Broussard Intern Trap Rock Peace Center 775-1127
Peggy Martalock Faculty Education 775-1118 E116M
Sarah Scarchilli-Janus Academic Counselor Student Services 775-1336 C214D
Gaby Stevenson Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752 E116E
Thomas Waskiewicz Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1752
Claire Tyminski Special Programs Coordinator MAC 775-1129 E115A
John Markoski Storekeeper Central Services 775-1711 CB11
Angela Roell Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Tina Stevens Adjunct Faculty Marketing S224/E132U
Amy Ford Faculty Human Services 775-1127 E116F
Bjorn Silvia Support Staff Business Office 775-1316 S429
Cheru Atraga Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Dorinda Bell-Upp Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N411
Carol Gray Adjunct Faculty Political Science 775-1752
Ashley Braziel Assistant Student development 775-1201 C216
Steven Koblinski Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Cathryn Brubaker Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1858 E116E
Jodi Nager Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N416
Beth Paulson Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440 S407
Keira Durrett Adjunct Faculty Education 775-1829 E116B
Melissa Davis Program Assistant Nursing 775-1753 and 413-585-5756 E120B
Richard Reilly Adjunct Faculty Engineering 775-1440 S419D
Kristen Cafasso Adjunct Faculty Science 775-1440
Mary Johnson Adjunct Faculty Science 775-1440
Beth Moonstone Adjunct Faculty Biology 775-1440
Kyle Bostrom Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Denise Griffin Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1870 E132N
Ellie Lobovits Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Kathy Keillor-Steinem Adjunct Faculty Dance 775-1248 E109
Christopher Demars Career/VetsAffairs Counselor Veterans Center 413-775-1825 N215
Sara Reid Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N411
Stephen DeGurski Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Paul Wanta Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1873 E123B
Jason Maurice Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1144
Cindy Spelman Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1252 E116H
Peter Columbus Adjunct Faculty Political Science 775-1451
Amy-Louise Pfeffer Coordinator Farm and Food Systems 1-413-775-1489 S418
Crystal Kindle Mass. Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA Student Life 775-1200 C216
Bharathi Janaswamy Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Michelle Kelton Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753 E123B
Timothy Dolan Librarian Library 775-1872
Matt Palmer Adjunct Faculty Sports Management 775-1752
Thomas Williams Adjunct Faculty Business 1-413-775-1752 E132R
Eric Heinzman Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440 N419
Deborah Habib Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Clifford Hatch Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Kyle Kendall Assistant EMS 775-1440
Kane Kurtyka Assistant EMS 775-1440
Deborah Palmeri Coordinator Practical Nursing Certificate Program 413-585-5172
Launa Wentworth Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Jennie Bergeron Adjunct Faculty Social Sciences 775-1752 E132T
Peggy Shannon Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1475 N416
Josh Carreiro Adjunct Faculty Social Sciences 775-1752
John Lund Adjunct Faculty History 775-1291 S202
Laurie Mccomb Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Alice Armen Adjunct Faculty Agricultural 775-1440
Luke Johnson Coordinator Fitness Center 775-1143 E109A
Tamara Stenn Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1752
Christina Gagliardi Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1752
Duane Towne Clerk IV Admission Office 775-1815 C103
Nicole Hill Faculty Environment Studies 775-1454 S412
Festus Kiprono Adjunct Faculty MAT 775-1440
Nance Rifanburg Program Assistant Development Office 775-1600 N209
Tiffany Hardy Senior admission Counselor Admission Office 775-1208 C103
Bram Moreinis Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1752 E132N
Maureen Moynihan Adjunct Faculty MOM 775-1752 E121J
Mia Burek Adjunct Faculty Nursing 775-1753
Bob Tremblay Coordinator Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1126 N112
Christina Chin MACC Americorps Vista Representative Student Development 775-1378 C216
Margo Townley Adjunct Faculty Psychology 775-1752 E116E
Denise Anderson Assistant Admission Office 775-1801 C103
Christopher Streeter Adjunct Faculty Sports Management 775-1752
Tamatha Gaumnitz Academic Coordinator Transitions 775-1846 C214D
Victoria Fredrick Adjunct Faculty Accounting 775-1752
Dan Kennedy Adjunct Faculty Music
Mark Rabinsky Director Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1611 D103
Cynthia Kunz Learning Specialist Wellness Center 775-1393 C426
Mark Hamill Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1752
Anne Fuess Chem Lab Assistant Chemistry 775-1120
Justen Stevenson Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Adam Hart Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Jeff Gifford Adjunct Faculty Engineering 775--1440
Yoav Elinevsky Adjunct Faculty MAT 775-1120
Alysha Putnam Special Programs Coordinator STEM 775-1459 S405
Charles Garrity Adjunct Faculty Fire Science 775-1752
Karen Long Administrative Assistant Title III CARES Grant 775-1375 C118
Barbara Wroblewski Coordinator Health Records 775-1432 N348
Katharine Walker Academic Counselor Title III CARES Grant 775-1354
Hillary Reale Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Melinda Fried Adjunct Faculty Biology 775-1440
Tonya Blundon Activity Coordinator Title III CARES Grant 775-1170 C118E
Liza Birnbaum Adjunct Faculty Humanities
Victoria Maillo Adjunct Faculty Spanish 775-1392
Sean Duma Adjunct Faculty EMS 775-1752
Javier Naranjo Adjunct Faculty Chemistry 775-1440
Anita Eliason Adjunct Faculty Business 775-1752
Nicole Gillett Adjunct Faculty Geography 775-1220
Anthony Ezbicki Skilled Laborer Plant Operations 775-1741 G02D
Dawn Striker Adjunct Faculty Math 775-1440
Lena Kovalchuk Clerk IV Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1661 D104
Claire Lobdell Librarian Library 775-1834 C300P
Nicholas Emerson Maintainer Plant Operations 775-1700 CB16
Meghann Zononi Administrative Assistant Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1609 D110
Ellen Hirschberg Adjunct Faculty CNA 775-1752
Brandi Perri Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Alex Wiltz Director Public Safety 775-1212 S108
Tony Geryk Mail Clerk Mail Services 1712 CB14
Alyssa Arnell Faculty History 775-1255 S324
Erika Alin Adjunct Faculty Political Science 775-1752
Charles Bagley Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems
Kathleen Hulton Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Sarah Rury Adjunct Faculty NUR 775-1753
Ryan Turner Adjunct Faculty Sociology 775-1752
Lindsay Nickel Adjunct Faculty NUR 775-1753
Edward Friedman Adjunct Faculty MAC 775-1752
Jamie Berger Adjunct Faculty English
Peggy Fallon Dual Enrollment Counselor Student development 775-1398 C214A
Andreas Tzineris Adjunct Faculty ESOL 775-1220 N230
Emily Fox Adjunct Faculty Dance 1-413-775-1259
Paul Crowley Adjunct Faculty Accounting 775-1440
Donald Joy Adjunct Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1458
Danielle Raad Adjunct Faculty Chemistry 775-1440
Andrew Webster Adjunct Faculty Engineering, Math, Nursing and Science 775-1752
Sarah Mildren Clerk IV Academic Advising 775-1339 C118
William Salifu-Tex Police Officer Public Safety 775-1275 S109
Galina Stytsenko Maintainer Maintenance 775-1704 N115
Jim Peters Adjunct Faculty Art 775-1292
Laura Garcia Chief Information Officer Information Technology 775-1318 N308
Yves Salomon-Fernandez President President's Office 775-1412 C202
Dale Brown Police Officer Public Safety 413-775-1212 S110
GCC President GCC President Presidents Office 775-1412 C202
David Charron Business, Computer Information Systems Faculty Business, Computer Information Systems 413-775-1493 E132P
Ansel Zinter Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Aaron Annan Adjunct Renewable Energy Faculty Renewable Energy 775-1440
Joe Saphire Adjunct Art Faculty Art 775-1220
Patricia McPeak-Larocca Assistant Dean of Nursing Nursing 413-775-1759 E120A
Katherine Newell Police Officer Public Safety 775-1212 S109
Kelson Ettienne-Modeste Adjunct Biology Faculty Biology 775-1440
Brent Arsenault OLP Field Assistant Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
Greg Gaskin OLP Field Assistant Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1251
Adam O'Neil Adjunct EMS Faculty EMS 775-1752 E130
Blair Harrington Adjuct Sociology Faculty Sociology
Sean Romanski Adjuct Human Services Faculty Human Services 775-1752 E116D
Adamites Fafnir Adjunct Art Faculy Art 775-1225
Caroline Dubinsky Library Evening Desk Clerk Library 775-1837 Library
Elyssa Serrilli Adjunct Environment Studies Faculty Environment Studies 775-1752
Maxwell Wareham Adjunct Music Faculty Music 775-1869 S201
Kate Szoc Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Diana Abath Womens Resource Advocate Womens Resource Center 413-775-1148 C212A
Joshua Gaestel Instructional Media Specialist Educational Technology Center 775-1843 S306A
Joan Murphy Executive Director of Human Resources Human Resources 775-1312 S424
Wendi Tatro Adjunct Biology Faculty Biology 775-1440
Jenni Haley Annual Fund Officer Foundation 775-1425 N212
Marisa Shepherd Bookstore Manager Bookstore 775-1190
Stacy Metzger Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Marketing 775-1364 N213
Kevin Horner Adjuct OLP Faculty Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
James Sullivan Adjunct Faculty Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
Alison Dalpe Police Officer Public Safety 775-1213 S109
Kristen Whittle Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440
Jessamyn Smyth Adjunct Humanities Faculty Humanities 775-1220
Tae-Hyong Kim Director of Paramedic Certificate Program Paramedic Certificate Program 775-1752
Richard Adamczyk Adjunct Outdoor Leadership Program Faculty Outdoor Leadership Program 775-1752
Cynara Robinson Adjunct Faculty History 775-1336
Rebecca Bustillos Adjunct Dance Instructor Dance 775-1396
Annaliese Bischoff Human Development Humanities 775-1220
Carlos McBride Adjunct Humanities Faculty Humanities 775-1220
David Rice Adjunct Criminal Justice Faculty Criminal Justice 775-1752
Jon Nelson Adjunct Spanish Faculty Spanish 775-1279
Peter Menino Adjunct History Facutly History 775-1220
Jessica Wiltz ESOL Assistant ESOL 775-1863
Gary Ackerman Coordinator of Instructional Technology Information Technology 775-1867 E132N
Leslie Pomainville Advanced Manufacturing Lead Workforce Development 775-1624 D112
Aida Medianero Workshop Instructor Workforce Development & Community Education 775-1609
Aaron Hellem Counselor Admission Office 413-775-1810 C103C
Mark Boudreau Comptroller Business Office 775-1311 S435
Rachel Porter Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 413-775-1440 Nursing
Andrea Gooler ECE Grant Professional Tutor Education 413-775-1270 E116K
Dorothy VanDeCarr Bridges to Success Coordinator Humanities 413-775-1468 Humanities
Jennifer Cole Adjunct Faculty MAC MAC 775-1752
Cara Bean Adjunct Art Faculty Art 775-1220
Ewa Nowicki Staff Assistant Early Childhood Education 413-775-1270 E116D
Terrence Greaves Director of Admission Admission Office 413-775-1804 C103B
James Russell Adjunct Faculty Engineering 775-1752
Deidre Murphy STEM SPecial Programs Coordinator STEM 775-1459 S413
IT Calendar
Elda James 775-1488
Timothy Murphy Adjunct Faculty Humanities 775-1220
Ashleigh Norris Adjunct EMS Faculty EMS 775-1752
Lorena Nanez-Bonilla Library Assistant Library 775-1856 Library
Sonya Trust VISTA Representative Student Affairs E102
Anna Hepler Adjunct Art Faculty Art 775-1220
Hanne Watkins Adjunct Psychology faculty Psychology 775-1752
Annie Ruiz Adjunct Psychology Faculty Psychology 775-1752
Ebenezer Afarikumah CIS Faculty Computer Information Systems 775-1874 E132K
Mary Clayton-Jones Adjunct Nursing Faculty Nursing 775-1440