22nd Annual Great Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show

22nd Annual Great Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show

Featuring the Jurassic Roadshow! Vendors display specimens from around the world in all price ranges. See rocks and minerals, gemstones and fossils, jewelry and fine art! Featured speakers, demonstrations, activities for kids, and videos, posters and books for sale. Free admission to all events!


9:30am-4pm — Gems, Rocks & Fossils Show and Sale in the Cohn Family Dining Commons. 10 Dealers with diverse specimens including jewelry and beads.  See “treasures” from around the world—minerals, fossils, concretions, geodes, crystals, beads, meteorites, and dinosaur footprints. Teachers—get student and lab specimens plus earth science teaching ideas! One dealer specializes on local concretions, a unique collection.

9:30am-4pm — Jurassic Roadshow in the Foyer. See local specimens and talk to expert collectors. Bring in your specimens for discussion and show.


10am — The Hole Truth: The stories behind Meteorite Craters — Peter H. Scherff, noted meteorite hunter and researcher presents on the science, lore & misconceptions about these strange holes in the Earth and the space junk that made them. We are very pleased to have Peter Scherff again at our show!  Peter brings his vast knowledge and experience with meteorites to GCC and will also have free meteorite samples and some amazing displays at his table in the Dining Commons.

12pm — National Association of Geoscience Teachers, New England Section, Annual Meeting in N350 (the Geology Lab). All educators, students and others are welcome to attend.

1pm — From Fossils to Feathers: The Dinosaur-Bird Connection — Most scientists today agree that birds descended from dinosaurs, but this idea is not new; biologist Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s “bull dog,” said as much in 1868. “The road from Reptiles to Birds is by way of Dinosauria.” Interesting, Tom, but not strictly true: birds are dinosaurs! Steve Winters, geologist and Professor of Earth Science at Holyoke Community College, explains why today’s birds may be better classified as modern-day theropods (a.k.a., carnivorous saurischian dinosaurs!) than as members of the class Aves.

2:15pm — GCC Geology Path Tour — Join GCC Professor Emeritus Richard Little for a 20-minute stroll and talk about these “monumental” specimens including the world’s hardest rock and the unique armored mud balls.

2:45pm — Walking Tour of Turners Falls Geology with Steve Winters. Meet in the town parking lot at the Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA. The parking lot is just adjacent to the Center. The walk, all on sidewalks or the bike path, should take 60-90 minutes.

Special note: The GCC Café will be open 9am to 2:30pm!

Saturday, November 10 20189:30am-4:00pm

Cohn Family Dining Commons

One College Drive , Greenfield
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