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Work-Study supervisor frequently asked questions

FWS Supervisor FAQ

How is Federal Work-Study Funded at GCC?

Every year the college submits the “Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP)” for the three Campus-Based programs: Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and Federal Work-Study (FWS).

The Department of Education awards the college FWS funding annually based on the data provided in the FISAP report and the availability of federal funding for Title IV programs. GCC’s federal work study award has remained level funded as far back as 2003. Historically federal funding has made up 93% of the college’s overall FWSP budget.

Why isn’t FWS considered to be a part of my annual department budget at GCC?

FWS is federal financial aid awarded to the college solely to provide financially eligible students with the opportunity to earn money through on/off-campus employment. Your department receives an annually allocation in order to provide employment positions to these students.

Does the financial aid office pre-select FWS student workers?

The financial aid office determines the student’s eligibility for a federal work study award based on several criteria presented on the student’s FAFSA application. We do not interview students or collect references to determine the student’s hiring qualifications.

As a FWS Supervisor it’s important for you to know that students with Federal Work Study awards are not guaranteed automatic job placement. Rather, like any part-time employment, jobs are available to which the student worker submits an application. The FWS supervisor makes their own hiring decisions based on the student application and interview.

Can I require the student to complete an application form?

Clearly stating your expectations during the interview and hiring process may alleviate work place conflicts and confusion in the long run. Departments, both on and off-campus, have the right to use a FWS job application form. Some departments on campus already use an application form and find it helpful during the hiring process.

I’ve just hired a student worker, are there any required forms?

Absolutely! The GCC Federal Work-Study Job Authorization/Acceptance Form tells us that you hired a student worker and initiates the payroll authorization for your FWS allotment.

You and the student must complete and sign the Job Authorization form once every school year. Whenever you hire a student, you and the student must complete this form and hand it in to the financial aid office. Your student will not be paid if this form is not returned to the financial aid office.

Can a FWS student worker be dismissed from FWS employment?

As with any employment, each student is responsible for working arranged hours. Punctual, efficient, and cooperative performance on the job is always expected. If illness, study obligations, or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents a student from working, he/she must notify his/her supervisor in advance. Failure to report without adequate reason may result in termination of employment and disqualification for future work study.

Student workers can be released from their FWS job at the Supervisor’s discretion. Reasons for dismal include, but are not limited to the same conditions as any other part-time employment, such as not adhering to department policies and procedures, regularly missing work days/times, failure to communicate absences with the FWS Supervisor in a timely manner, and not completing work as assigned. Please review the FWS Supervisor’s Handbook for guidelines on dismissing the student worker.

What if my student worker wants to receive payment for his hours in one lump sum?

Students must be paid for the hours they work as that work is completed. No student can request that his/her timesheets be “held” for any extended period of time. The FWS fund functions like a regular payroll account and cannot be used as a pseudo savings plan. Failure to submit time sheets on a regular basis will result in loss of pay. Both the financial aid office and payroll monitor the fund on a bi-weekly basis as a normal part of funds management. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to be aware of expenditures as they occur.

Why do I have to submit time sheets on a regular basis?

The FWS Fund functions as a payroll fund and the fund balance must be reconciled on bi-weekly and monthly basis. GCC provides monthly reconciliation records to federal and state auditors upon their request. Accurate record keeping depends on the regular and timely submission of time sheets.

When is it ok for the student worker to submit his or her own time sheets to payroll?

It is the FWS Supervisor’s responsibility to submit the signed time sheets to payroll on a regular basis. This responsibility rests solely with the supervisor. Under NO circumstance should a student worker ever be given the time sheet once it is signed by the supervisor.

Who has the authority to sign FWS time sheets in my absence?

Only you have the authority to sign your student worker’s time sheets. You can however, in advance, make arrangements with the financial aid office for another staff member to provide a signature in your absence. We must have the appropriate supervisor approval and signatures on file and ready to provide to the auditors upon their request.

By signing the time sheet you are verifying that the student worked the hours noted on the sheet and that the student is indeed entitled to receive a payment for those hours.

If you’d like to grant another staff member the authority to sign and submit your student worker’s time sheet, just call the financial aid office and we can send you the proper form.

How do I request weekly time sheets?

Supervisors can contact either Mary Jane Connelly at x1307 or Bjorn Silvia at x1316 in Payroll to request time sheets.

When do I submit FWS time sheets to payroll?

Time sheets are turned in every Wednesday afternoon.

My student worker works on Fridays. Can I sign off on her projected Friday hours to get the time sheet turned in on time each week?

If your student is reliable and you know that she will come in on Friday, you can go ahead and submit the timesheet. If for some reason she doesn’t come in, you can submit a correction to the timesheet, but the correction must be submitted to payroll by Monday afternoon.

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