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Annotate PDF

One of the perennial challenges for faculty is how to efficiently and effectively give students feedback on the digital files they submit via Moodle. With the upgrade to Moodle 3.6, we are configuring Annotate PDF.

For this two work, faculty create an assignment on Moodle and allow a file submission. Further, they enable “PDF feedback” as a feedback type. Student must also submit their work as a PDF:

This video summarizes how Annotate PDF works for faculty (other details are below):

The recommended method for giving feedback on papers, presentations, and other assignments that can be created with a word processor or presentation software is “Annotate PDF.”

In order to use this tool, students must submit PDF files; directions for creating PDF are available in this classroom.

In order to use “Annotate PDF,” that option must be turned on in the “Feedback types” in the assignment settings; by default this is enabled, but if you have trouble accessing “Annotate PDF,” check this is turned on for the specific assignment.

feedback types screen shot



To give feedback and submit grades using “Annotate PDF:”

  1. Click the assignment in the course page;
  2. Click the green “Grade” button next to one of the assignments;
  3. The “Annotate PDF” window will open by default.

screen shot of the annotate PDF interface