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Course Total Not Showing in Grades for Students

Course Total Not Showing for Students

If “Course Total” is not showing in Grades for your students, a default setting may need to be changed.

To check whether students can see their “Course Total,” go to :Grades: User report” and from the drop-down menu at the right of the screen, select a student.

To change the default setting to show course total

Go to “Grades” > “Course grade settings” > “Users: Hide totals if they contain hidden items” > from the drop-down menu select “Show totals excluding hidden items.”


Step 1 – Go to “Grades”  Grades



Step 2 – Select “Course grade settings”   Course Grade Settings


Step 3 – “User: Hide totals if they contain hidden items” > “Show totals excluding hidden totals”   Show Totals excluding hidden items