Evernote – a note taking application

Evernote – a note taking application


What is Evernote?

Evernote is a popular note-taking program/service that automatically includes cross-platform syncing and cloud-based save features. This means that with Evernote you can access the same notes you took on your work PC from your iPad, iPhone, Android or a friend’s computer, essentially wherever you have internet access.

The simplest way to get started might be with their web-based service. These videos explain how. Choose your pace.

Instructors’ Perspective

 Evernote tips to share with your students if you introduce this application

Another way to organize using Evernote

The tutorials at Evernote’s YouTube site are a bit quirky, without any voice-over explanations. Despite this, these links are offered because they are brief and highlight specific features you may find interesting.