How can students peer-review a paper or project?

How can students peer-review a paper or project?


The discussion activity offers a space for peer-review.  Students will create a discussion topic and upload the project.  Their peers will click on the thread bearing and post a reply to comment.

Consider offering prompts in the description area guiding students through the process of posting their project as well as how to review the projects of their classmates.  The prompt could also include the types of files that can be uploaded, etc..

An example:

To submit your project, click on “Add a new discussion topic.”  Type the name of your project in “Subject” field; provide a one or two sentence summary in the “Message” field. Drag your project file into the “Attachment” field.  Be sure the project is in a format everyone can open. Finally, click “Post to forum.”

To access a classmate’s project, click on the discussion name to open the thread.

To offer suggestion to and ask questions of the project’s author, click on “Reply” at the bottom right of the thread.  Type your suggestion or question in the “Message” field.  When done, click “Post to forum.”