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How do I copy my Moodle course?


Remember, all courses loaded into Banner with an assigned instructor automatically have a course generated in Moodle.

Please use the online request “Forms” [] which are also available via a link once you log into Moodle at the top right.

Some of the things to request(not complete):

  1. Moodle course request to copy course content from an existing Moodle course or to have a non-academic course created
  2. Moodle user request to add guests or a colleague to a course.
  3. Add a course cartridge request from a publisher.  The cartridge must be Moodle v2.0 or SCORM compatible.

NOTE: All requests are addressed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Consider submitting a copy course content request for

  • the fall semester in May;
  • January Intercession and Spring Term in December prior to December Break;
  • Summer I and Summer II courses in April