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How do I create groups?

What are the benefits of creating Groups?

Creating groups within Meta courses helps keep the different sections separate which is helpful when grading throughout the semester as well as at the end of the semester when final grades need to be submitted through Banner.

In large classes, creating small discussions groups make participation easier for all.  Remember, groups can be made visible for all to see if you wish for students to read what their classmates contributed to a topic, for instance.

What are the steps for creating groups in my course?

  1. Under Administration, choose “Edit settings”.
  2. Scroll down to “Groups” and choose your group mode, “Separate” (open to group members only) or “Visible” (open for all to see).
  3. Go back to the course home page.
  4. Under Administration, click the little arrow next to “Users”.
  5. Click “Groups”.
  6. Choose “Create Group”.
  7. Name the group and press “Save”.
  8. Click “Add/Remove Users”.
  9. Choose the users you want to include in the group and click “Add”.
  10. Repeat steps 5 – 8 for each group. Note the number of groups a user has been enrolled in is in parenthesis next to their name.
  11. Go to “Grade Report” top right.  Whether you selected “Separate” or “Visible” group mode will appear with a drop-down menu to select desired group to view.

Will setting up these groups be universal for the course?

These steps will create groups you can use for different Moodle Activities if so desired. For each activity you create, the option to make it a group activity will be under “Group” when you are adding the activity.

To view the work of a particular group, select the desired from the drop-menu within the activity which is generally at the top left of the page.