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How is a Block such as “Activity” Added to a Course?

The “Activity” block is a standard block on our course template at the top right of the page.  However, if a course that does not have the block is copied into a current course shell, the block may disappear. The block can be added to the course by following the steps below.

Steps to add a block in Moodle

  1. Click “Turn edit on”
  2. Go to “Add a block” located at the bottom left of the course page under the last block in that column (should be “Student Support Services” block)
  3. From the drop-down menu select the block you wish to add to the course (in this case, “Activities”).
    "Turn edit on" on for "Add a block" to appear
    “Turn edit” on for “Add a block” to appear

The block will appear either just above the “Add a block” area or at the end of the far right column.  To move the “Activities” block to the top of the column, click and hold on the 4-way arrow in the top left corner of the block and drag up to position.

Follow the same steps to add other blocks such as “Attendance”, “Blog menu”, etc.