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How to Keep All Forum Posts Hidden Until A Student has Contributed

There is a way to ‘hide’ or ‘keep’ a student from seeing discussion threads until they themselves post their own response.  This option is available when the “Q & A forum” is selected under “Forum type.”

How to set-up a Q & A forum

From “Add activity or resource,” select “Forum”.  On “Adding a new forum” page, name the forum and provide a description of the forum. The description field could have the discussion prompt, due date, participation requirements, grading schema, etc.

From “Forum type” drop-down menu, select “Q & A forum”.  Set up other parameters as desired for this forum. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save and return to course.”

On the course page, click on the link to the newly created forum.  You will see the text you typed in the description area.  For students to be able to post to this forum, you must click on “Add a question” and post the prompt in this space.  Students will then be able to post and see other posts made to the forum.

General information about Forum options in Moodle

Setting up Forums in Moodle [PDF] [Click to download]