Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Set Quiz: Time Accommodations

Time and date accommodations for a student or group of students

If a student has special accommodations or permission to take a quiz/test outside the schedule time, this can be set-up in the “Quiz administration” area.

  1. Click on the desired quiz
  2. Under “Administration: Quiz Administration” > Select “User overrides”
  3. Select Student(s) who are granted either an extension or different time to take the quiz
  4. You may require a password; but one is not necessary.
  5. Click “Enable” to set the day and time the quiz should be open and close. for the student(s) selected
  6. Click “Enable” to set the “Time limit” to set the amount of time the student(s) have to complete the assessment
  7. Set the number of “Attempts allowed” by the student)s)
  8. Be sure to “Save”


Set Accommodations