Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Students Tracker Block

Faculty can add this block to see in one place (and with color codes) which students have not logged on to the Moodle course. This block is seen only by those who are logged on the to the course as teachers.

To install the “Student tracker” block:

  1. Open our course and turn on editing with the gear menu.
  2. In the navigation drawer, click “Add a block.”
  3. Click “Student tracker.”
  4. Drag the move icon to change its location in the list of block to the right.

To configure the “Student tracker” block:

  1. Turn on editing with the gear menu.
  2. Click “Configure students tracker block” in the gear menu in the block.
  3. Change the messages, colors, and days to suite your preferences.
  4. Save the changes.

To use the “Student tracker” block:

  1. Open the course in which it is installed.
  2. Notice any students listed in the block.
  3. Click a student’s name to open the profile.
  4. Click the student’s email address to open your email application and compose a message.