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Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

About the Foundation

Since 1968, the Greenfield Community College Foundation has invested in the dreams of students who work, students who cannot afford tuition, students who cannot travel to other educational institutions—people for whom higher education is otherwise beyond the borders of their personal geographies.

We are committed to supporting the mission of Greenfield Community College—its students, faculty, staff, and alumni—by building relationships and raising funds throughout a service area that encompasses Franklin and Hampshire Counties in Western Massachusetts, and the counties of Southern Vermont and New Hampshire and beyond.

Vision statement

The Greenfield Community College Foundation is an important fundraising and “friend-raising” arm for the College. We support the future development and enhancement of all aspects of life at the College and our efforts foster greater loyalty and result in increased endowment and annual fund contributions.

Our priorities include:

  • scholarships to provide affordable access to high-quality academic experiences for students, faculty and staff.
  • enrichment of the cultural, economic, and civic life of our community.
  • supporting the College mission of student success, academic excellence, and innovation.
  • providing the College the needed funding to support the physical, mental, and social-emotional well being of students.
  • supporting the College in expanding efforts to recognize, encourage, and celebrate our increasing diversity and foster equity in a global community.

GCC Foundation Values and Guiding Principles

Values An organization’s values provide a culture code that explains how the organization intends to operate. The GCC Foundation’s values include:

  • Honesty
  • Truth
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability

Guiding Principles Guiding principles reflect the vision, mission, strategic interests, and core values of the organization.  They serve as a basis for reasoning and action, a code of conduct that leads and shows the way forward. The GCC Foundation’s Guiding Principles include:

  • Elevating the College in the eyes of the community and building a culture of philanthropy
  • Building and sustaining a diverse and Inclusive organization
  • Protecting the endowment
  • Respecting (and acting in accordance with) the separate roles of the Foundation and the College
  • Effectively collaborating with the college
  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility
  • Being good stewards of raised money

Being aspirational and innovative in our work together

Foundation initiatives

FY20 accomplishments include:

The  Annual  Campaign. This recent campaign, led by Co-Chairs Elizabeth Fisk  and Tara Brewster raised $1,430,990 in support of students and programs at GCC. This is an amazing accomplishment that helps to fund the mission and values of this extraordinary community college that touches and changes the lives of all in our community who have stepped up to support it.

The Annual Gathering.  In 2019, The Foundation hosted Building Blocks for a Resilient Community which included a panel discussion with Lily Mendez, President and CEO of Mass Mentoring Partnership, Katie Allan Zobel, president and CEO of the Western Massachusetts Community Foundation and Yves Salomon-Fernandez, GCC President.  The evening was moderated by area DJ and activist, Monte Belmonte.

The Annual “Striving and Driving for GCC Scholars” Golf Tournament. The 2021 tournament raised over $32,000 in unrestricted scholarships.

Scholarships. Scholarships are awarded each year to students with demonstrated financial need, specific areas of study and other criteria established by the donor, and we honor those who have so generously helped meet this critical need at Greenfield Community College. In 2021,  $293,687 was awarded to 272 students.