Horizon8 Scholarship

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Please check back in January 2023 for our next application period!

The Horizon8 Scholarship will sponsor the full cost of a Horizon8 student's college education from the time of student acceptance through graduation with an associate's degree. The Horizon8 fund will cover a recipient's college tuition, fees, and book expenses that are not covered by other scholarships or financial aid. With the intention of sponsoring candidates through a bachelor's degree, the fund will also cover a recipient's costs for applying to another college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree.

This scholarship is intended for young adults whose path to obtaining a college education is or has been significantly challenged by personal, life, and economic obstacles.

Finalists may be required to meet (via Zoom) with the scholarship committee as part of the selection process. Horizon8 scholars will also be encouraged to meet virtually or in-person periodically to share their stories and progress.


  • The student may be currently attending GCC on a full-time or part-time basis, or may be in the process of enrolling.
  • Preference is for candidates who have not had a typical path from high school to college completion but, instead, have struggled to complete college for various reasons.
  • The preferred candidate may have dropped out at some point—or not attended college as planned for reasons related to obstacles preventing typical effort and success.
  • Recipients should submit an application that includes a personal statement for why they would like to be in the Horizon8 program.
  • There is no GPA requirement for the Horizon8 Scholarship.
  • Recipients should be interested in going on to complete a Bachelor's Degree.

The personal statement should speak to the above topics.