MCCC Faculty Benefits

Listed below is a brief overview of the benefits available to you as a full-time faculty member at Greenfield Community College.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance (MetLife) is available to you and any dependents at no cost to you. Coverage becomes effective six (6) full months after hire.

Sick and personal leave

Faculty members earn sick leave upon hire. Sick leave is based on a total of ten (10) days per year. Your first paycheck advice will list the amount of leave time that you have accrued. There is no cap on the amount of sick leave an employee may carry. Sick leave credits can be paid off only at the time of retirement. This payout is at 20% of accumulated sick leave credits. Effective with your date of hire you have one (1) personal day that must be used by December 31. Personal days cannot be carried over from one calendar year to another. On January 1 of each following year you will receive two (2) Personal Days.

Tuition remission

Tuition remission is available to you and any dependents at any Massachusetts college or university.* Tuition only is waived; fees are not waived unless your spouse or dependent is attending a community college, and then a 50% fee waiver may apply. (Please refer to the System-wide Tuition Remission Policy for MCCC members in the Policies section of this website.)

* Per Chapter 46 of the Acts of 2015 (UMass tuition retention legislation), the tuition and fee structure at UMass changed drastically. Whereas before the passage of Chapter 46, tuition was little more than $1,000 and fees comprised multiple thousands of dollars, upon the implementation of Chapter 46, tuition increased to an average of $10,000 per year while fees dropped proportionately. Given this change, the Commonwealth recognized that it could not give 100% tuition remission at UMass campuses as described in all collective bargaining agreements and policy and procedure handbooks. Consequently, all tuition remission agreements honored at UMass have become tuition credit programs of approximately the same value. For example, the former tuition waiver at UMass Amherst has become a tuition credit of $1,714.00.