Education on the Go! Check Out GCC’s Tech Lending Library

As a result of a Performance Incentive Fund grant received in the spring of 2018, the GCC library purchased and currently lends technology devices like mobile wi-fi hotspots to students without a reliable internet connection at home.

An initial survey of students revealed the following:

  • 34.1% of survey respondents reported being unable to complete schoolwork due to a lack of access to technology.
  • 13.9% of respondents don’t have consistent internet access at home.
  • 13.8% of respondents don’t have a computer at home.
  • 76% of survey respondents indicated that being able to check out a laptop from the library would be helpful.
  • Hotspots have circulated 131 times since we launched the program (they began to circulate in the summer of 2018)
  • Laptops have circulated 22 times since we launched the program (they began to circulate this month, March 2019).

Items available for check-out include:

  • 10 wi-fi hotspots
  • 30 HP laptops
  • 10 Chromebooks
  • 3 MacBook Pro laptops
  • 4 digital DSLR cameras
  • 10 audio recorder
  • 3 Kindle Fire tablets
  • 1 mini projector
  • 1 USB microphone