Bob Manners ’86 named 2018 Distinguished Alum

December 31, 2018

Above photo: left to right, Robert Manners, daughter Ashley Manners, and wife Laura Manners celebrate Ashley’s doctorate in physical therapy this past May.  Not pictured: Son, and current GCC student, Jacob Manners.

This year GCC was pleased to present the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award to Robert (Bob) Manners ’86. Bob has been a selfless advocate for health, safety and the welfare of all citizens in our community for over 30 years. Though challenged by dyslexia early on, he read and wrote his way to passing exams to qualify him for the work he most wanted to do—firefighting, paramedic work, police work, CPR instruction, and EMS services. After completing his Associate’s Degree at GCC in 1986, he went on to earn college degrees from UMass Amherst ’89 and Springfield College Paramedic Program ’93.

Bob Manners, whose life was changed by GCC, is a life saver. He has responded in the middle of the night to assist those in need, and he has educated many others on how to save lives as well. As Supervisor of Medcare Emergency Health ambulance service, he mentors students, new employees and employees upgrading to a paramedic role. Through his role at Franklin County EMT Association, he promotes the good deeds and dedication of others.

In thanking the college for his award, Bob reflected, “My thinking and philosophy has always been that each of us creates a ripple effect in the world. If we do something positive, it creates positive ripples through our community. I think about my career, and the people I’ve touched, and how I might have affected them in ways I’m not even aware of—a life I saved, a person I taught to save a life, a child whose car seat I installed and who was protected in a crash. GCC has that ripple effect too. The college makes a profound impact that, through its alums, ripples out and touches the world in positive ways.”

Bob also serves as Select Board Chair for the Town of Shelburne, and his many other hats range from raising llamas to running tractors for neighbors, from installing car seats for kids to organizing Shelburne Grange events.

Among his many professional accomplishments Bob includes: EMT of the Year, Kid Safe Practitioner Award, Nationally Certified Child Car Seat Technician, over 30 years dedicated to volunteer response for EMS and Fire for Shelburne, over 25 years as an EMS educator, teaching countless CPR courses, and serving as a firefighter, paramedic, police officer, and certified history teacher.

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