Senator Jo Comerford Sponsors Greenfield Community College Art at MA State House

June 3, 2019

BOSTONSenator Jo Comerford announces today that she is sponsoring a presentation of art from Greenfield Community College at the Massachusetts State House. The exhibit highlights a combination of art created by alumni, at the time they were enrolled at the College, and current GCC students in a variety of mediums including computer arts, drawing, photography and painting. The exhibit will is in  Room 428 of the State House and will run from June 1st through the end of July, with an opening on June 6th.

The Art Department at GCC recognizes the inherent power of the visual image as a critical reflection of our culture and that art encompasses all media and all forms of creative expression. Our programs embody this philosophy and provide our students with a strong, progressive visual arts foundation combining the traditions of the past with a contemporary arts practice,” said Paul Lindale, the chair of the GCC art department.

 “Senator Comerford is a staunch advocate for the entire education spectrum. We are grateful for her leadership and this special recognition of our students’ artistic talent,” said GCC President Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernández, “Our students are beyond honored to have their art displayed so prominently at the State House.”

 State senators typically sponsor an exhibit once per two-year term. As a first-term senator, this will be Senator Comerford’s first opportunity to showcase art.

 “It is such a treat to walk into the State House and see this beautiful artwork from GCC students hanging up,” Comerford said. “Thank you to the students, the Art Department, and the administration of Greenfield Community College for coordinating on this project and lending us these works of art. It’s great to be able to showcase Western Massachusetts talent on Beacon Hill.”

The GCC student artists featured in the exhibit are Jaime Smith, Kirsten Tarnowsi, Hannah White, Peter Fath, Cynthia Kunz, Julianne Jones, Kate Hunter, Abigail Friel, Alice Miller, Andrew Castillo, Emma Lehan, Jim Schatz and Wes Talbot.

 The exhibit will run through the end of July 2019. The opening will be on June 6th from 1 – 3 PM in the State House and will be available to the public in coordination with Senator Comerford’s office.  For additional information, please contact Jared Freedman, chief of staff for Senator Comerford: 617-722-1532.


When: June 6th, 2019 from 1-3 PM

Where: Room 428 in the State House

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