GCC Celebrates Mass STEM Week

October 28, 2019

GCC recently celebrated Mass STEM Week on campus during the week of October 21-25th. It is a statewide effort organized by the Executive Office of Education and the STEM Advisory Council to boost the interest, awareness, and ability for all learners to envision themselves in STEM education and employment opportunities, and compliment the formal instruction happening in the Commonwealth beyond STEM week.
The theme for the second annual statewide STEM Week is “See Yourself in STEM.” Women, people of color, first-generation students, low-income individuals, English language learners, and people with disabilities are underrepresented in STEM industries and make up an increasing portion of the overall workforce, but the demographics of STEM fields have remained largely the same. We need more young people to see themselves in STEM.
The week was full of interactive, hands-on activities presented by staff, faculty, and students. The week’s theme, See Yourself in STEM, paved the way for panels and speakers on the topic of STEM. The week’s activities included:

  • TED’s Talk: Why Mars?
    GCC Professor Ted Johnson delves into the science and technology behind robotic and manned missions to the red planet.
  • Earthquake Engineering
    “Designing Structures for Earthquakes and Learning from Failures” – UMass Amherst Professor Dr. Scott Civjan talks about his work as a civil engineer and how structures respond to earthquakes.
  • NEWIEE Panel
    New England Women in Energy & the Environment presents a panel discussion about women working in energy and the environment, moderated by GCC Profession Teresa Jones.
  • High School STEM Day and College Workshops at GCC
    Over 100 students from local high schools visited campus to attend STEM and college prep workshops.
  • Let’s Level Up!
    A networking event presented by Pioneer Valley Women in STEM! Becky Wai-Ling Packard underscores the power of mentoring to advance our academic and career outcomes.