Governor Baker appoints GCC Alumnae to Board of Trustees

September 2, 2020

Greenfield Community College is proud to welcome Judith Roberts, Executive Director of the Literacy Project, to serve on their esteemed board of trustees. Elected by her peers as the Alumni Representative, Judith was officially appointed to the board by Governor Charles Baker on September 2nd, 2020.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, Judith represents what’s possible when hard work and determination are met with the opportunity to receive a quality community college education. A single mother, she came to GCC in her early thirties, when her youngest was just one year old. After graduating from GCC in 1995, she went to Smith College where she earned her bachelor’s with honors. From there she went on to Harvard where she received her Master’s in Community Based Education and a certificate in Nonprofit Management. In 200&, Judith returned to Franklin County to become executive director of the Literacy Project, a Greenfield-based non-profit offering free classes to adults across Western Massachusetts in basic skills, high school equivalency, and college and career readiness.

“I’m proud and pleased to serve my fellow GCC alumni on the board,” says Judith, “I very much believe in community college and the access to education that Greenfield Community College provides. I was able to climb the ladder to success by virtue of entering this school. My hope is to use my position on the board to share the opportunities that GCC has to offer even more widely.”

Judith’s direct experience with the school and pay it forward approach make her a strong addition to the board of trustees. “She has walked in the shoes of a non-traditional student and was a single mother who began her academic degree later in life at GCC,” shares GCC’s president, Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernandez, “She went from our rigorous little college to achieve a graduate degree at Harvard University. Judith’s personal journey is both compelling and exemplary. We are delighted to welcome her to the board.”

Trustee Robert Cohn echoes the enthusiasm, “Our board and myself wholeheartedly look forward to Judith Roberts joining us. I have known Judith for many years and have observed her first hand in getting her education and working hard to help so many as the executive director of the Literacy project. Her devotion to all aspects of literacy and fully understanding her role in advocacy fits perfectly with our mission at GCC.”

Not only is Judith committed to education, but GCC’s motto “You Belong Here” is one she stands behind.

“I love the motto and I believe that everyone belongs at GCC,” remarks Judith, “especially the adults across our region. Whether you take an enrichment class or get trained as an RN — whether you are getting ready for a better job or just a better life — you belong here. This school opens up all kinds of opportunities for all kinds of people. It is a perfect first step.”

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