Legislators Visit GCC Campus and Discuss Plans for the Future

March 1, 2022

State legislators visited Greenfield Community College on Monday, Feb. 28, to tour the campus and learn how support from lawmakers can help GCC continue to provide quality, affordable education and workforce development for the region and beyond.

GCC Interim President Rick Hopper, GCC Board Chair Hector Toledo and members of the GCC senior staff welcomed legislators to the college, including state senators Jo Comerford and Adam Hinds, and state representatives Lindsay Sabadosa, Natalie Blais, Susannah Whipps, Mindy Domb and Paul Mark. The contingent explored the GCC campus, discussing the evolution of the college during the COVID-19 pandemic and changes the college looks to make to better prepare students for the workforce.

“We invited our legislators here today to ensure that we can promise to deliver the next generation of workforce development to our community and to continue our storied history of providing quality education that helps students succeed beyond GCC,” Hopper said.

The tour included visiting the sites where flooding from burst pipes over the winter caused damage to portions of the main campus, especially in the Admission and Student Financial Services offices. Repairs are underway where damage occurred and are expected to be completed in the spring.

The group also explored GCC’s East Building, where daily COVID-19 testing for the community is offered. The East Building is a site for potential renovations to better serve training and simulation for health occupations, Workforce Development and Early Childhood Education.

Hopper discussed these potential renovations with lawmakers, explaining that their support is key in helping GCC secure funding for these important improvements.

“Community colleges have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But we’ve positioned ourselves to deliver improved academics and workforce development that requires investment in our infrastructure, to meet both our short- and long-term goals,” Hopper said.

“We’re excited to meet with our lawmakers and hear how important GCC is to each of their communities. We look forward to receiving continued support from our legislators as we continue to deliver excellent education and workforce development for the region,” Toledo said.

Lawmakers after the visit showed their support for GCC, especially in regards to the institution’s role in the community.
“Today’s visit to GCC highlighted both the successes and the needs of the campus. It was great to not only hear about the robust education offered to GCC students, while also discussing budget requests and proposed building improvements, but also to see them firsthand. GCC is a resource for our entire region,” Carey said.

“I am grateful for GCC’s commitment to providing the training necessary to meet the workforce needs of our region. We are lucky to have this top-notch higher education institution in our backyard and I am proud to support their efforts at the state level,” Blais said.

“Greenfield Community College is charting a bold and necessary course forward, focused on developing a skilled workforce that our region and the Commonwealth both need and deserve. I’m proud to support its efforts in partnership with House and Senate colleagues. Any investment in GCC is an investment in our shared future,” Comerford said.

“As a community college graduate, I get very excited when I see all of the great things happening at GCC. The students and the staff, who are our neighbors and our local workforce, deserve the best facility we can provide,” Whipps said.

“I am glad to see the steps being taken by President Hopper and the GCC faculty and staff to upgrade and improve the college and ensure our students are getting the best educational experience possible. The entire legislative delegation is committed to working together to keep GCC thriving and focused on the needs of our community,” Mark said.

For media inquiries, please contact Dan Desrochers, GCC Director of Communications and Marketing, at desrochersd@gcc.mass.edu.