GCC Offers Space to Four Rivers Charter Public School Following Fire

March 4, 2022

Greenfield Community College has opened its doors to the students and staff from Four Rivers Charter Public School following a small fire that damaged one of the charter school’s buildings this week.

GCC has set aside a total of nine classrooms and other amenities for Four Rivers while repairs at the school are completed. This arrangement is expected to continue for up to six weeks.

“When we heard about the situation at Four Rivers Charter Public School, we immediately came together as a college and offered to help. Four Rivers Charter Public School is an important part of our community, and their ability to provide uninterrupted education for their students is vital, especially after two long years of pandemic isolation. Our campus buildings are large and well equipped, so they are easily adapted to meet the needs of Four Rivers. We are delighted that we could help ensure the completion of the Four Rivers school year until their own buildings are ready to welcome them back,” GCC Interim President Richard Hopper said.

Four Rivers Charter Public School will be using nine classrooms on the GCC campus, as well as utilizing other amenities, including the dining commons and study areas. Student cohorts on the GCC campus are from the charter school’s grades 9-12. Approximately 140 charter school students will be at GCC.

“We are enormously grateful that our neighbor, GCC, did not hesitate to offer help to our high school. President Rick Hopper immediately returned my call, lent a sympathetic ear, and pledged support. All the employees have bent over backwards to attend to our needs by locating spaces, moving furniture, meeting with our tech coordinator, providing cleaning supplies, and even coordinating use of the cafeteria. Everyone we have worked with has been kind, compassionate and professional. We are extremely relieved to have a space that is so conducive to learning. We couldn’t have found a better solution,” Zevey Steinitz, Interim Principal for Four Rivers, said.

All employees and students who come to the GCC campus must follow all COVID-19 state and College protocols; this includes providing proof of vaccination and wearing of masks at all times indoors except when eating or drinking.

For media inquiries, please contact Dan Desrochers, GCC Director of Communications and Marketing, at desrochersd@gcc.mass.edu.