Community’s Generosity Fuels GCC Foundation’s Record-Breaking Fundraising Year

August 2, 2022

Thanks to the generosity of the community, the Greenfield Community College Foundation exceeded this year’s fundraising goals, setting a new record in the process.

The GCC Foundation raised over $2.2 million this year, more than they raised during any previous year of the Foundation’s 50-year existence. The record-setting year was powered by dedicated volunteers and supporters and a surprise generous estate gift from Antha Smith, former owner of World Eye Bookshop and Greenfield supporter who passed away last year.
“As we celebrate GCC’s 60th anniversary year, we are so grateful for our supporters who have consistently rallied around GCC. The entire GCC community, from the students, staff, alumni and faculty, to our volunteers, campaigners and donors, made this possible. We’re very fortunate to have so much support and this couldn’t have come at a better time. These gifts will help set up new GCC President Michelle Schutt and the entire campus for success,” GCC Foundation Executive Director Alexis Page said.

“We also want to thank Antha Smith and her family, whose generosity and dedication to Greenfield means the GCC Foundation can continue to help GCC provide accessible and affordable education to the region,” Page added.

“It’s very exciting for me to come into a new community and witness this incredible support for this institution. I want to thank all of our generous donors and assure them that these funds will be used to foster and advance the academic journeys of our GCC students,” President Michelle Schutt said.

In addition to Smith’s generous gift, funds were raised through the GCC Foundation’s annual campaign, “One Community, Many Futures.” Led by local GCC champions, Mary Siano and Tara Brewster, the campaign highlighted GCC’s 60-year history of investing in building community to help GCC students chart brighter futures.

“Mary and Tara are inspirational in their enthusiastic dedication to GCC. Their leadership, along with the dozens of campaign volunteers who helped this year, were instrumental to our success,” Page said.

The funds raised from this year’s efforts will go toward several different initiatives at GCC, including scholarships for students, college programming, revitalization of the campus, and emergency funding for students who need assistance with essential items like food and transportation.

Do you want to help GCC students? You can donate to the GCC Foundation today and help students succeed: