Browser Check Results

This browser check will ensure your browser is configured so the complete functionality of Moodle is available to you. Moodle requires that JavaScript, cookies, and Java be enabled in a recommended browser. If you fail any parts of this check, submit a ticket to request help upgrading or installing necessary software.

Browser Check

Moodle runs best on Firefox or Chrome.

Javascript Check

Almost every part of Moodle relies on Javascript for the ability to generate interactive web pages. You must have Javascript enabled.

Cookies Check

Moodle uses a cookie to keep track of your current session. You must have cookies enabled so we can maintain your current state as you navigate through the application.

Port:80 Check

This check works by trying to download an image through the specified ports. If the check fails, submit a support ticket.

Pop-up Blocker Check

Moodle sometimes uses small browser windows to deliver requested content. You must have pop-ups enabled in your browser in order to get the full functionality of Moodle.

Java™ Check

Some Moodle features use Java™ applets.


Browser check script developed by Greenfield Community College