Returning students

Welcome back! We’re so glad you’ve chosen to continue your education with us!

We might have gone through a few changes since you were last with us, so it’s a good idea to re-familiarize yourself by attending an orientation session. Orientation is a great way to get acquainted with other students, meet staff members, and learn about the many support resources available to you as a student. Orientation is required for degree and certificate-seeking students who have been away from GCC for three or more years, but is open to every student.

Some questions we often hear from returning students:

Returning students

Is orientation mandatory for returning students?

Orientation is required for returning degree and certificate students who have been away from GCC for 3 or more years. Even if you do not need to attend orientation again, it is highly encouraged. Orientation gives students a chance to connect with each other, and learn about the valuable resources and support available at GCC.

Do I need to reapply?

Yes. Students who have had a break in their attendance for one semester or longer are required to reapply to the College before registering for courses. The application for readmission can be found online at If a student has attended another college or university prior to readmission and is seeking transfer credit, an official copy of the student’s transcript should be sent to the Office of Admission for transfer credit evaluation.

Do I have to retake the placement tests?

Possibly. Most students are required to complete reading, writing, and mathematics assessments before registering for their first credit course. This assessment helps to place students in appropriate courses.

If you’ve already done placement testing at GCC or elsewhere you may not have to do it again if:

  • you have completed the assessment process at GCC or other college that uses Accuplacer tests within the past five years;
  • you have successfully completed an appropriate course in English composition and/or mathematics at another college (a math course must have been within the last five years);
  • you are taking courses with no pre-requisites.

Check with the Testing Center to find out whether your previous testing scores are still valid, or whether you need to re-test.

I was not doing so well academically when I left GCC, is there any way I can start fresh?

Yes. We have a “fresh start” option for students who have not attended GCC for more than three academic years and who were on probation, suspension, or dismissal at the time they discontinued attendance. You may be readmitted to the College with a status of academic review for the first semester of your return. Normal academic progress standards will apply thereafter. For any questions about the fresh start option, contact the registrar.

The degree program I started is no longer offered. Can I still finish it or do I need to find a new major?

Yes. Discontinuation of an academic program of study or certificate comes after a great deal of consideration by the College. Within the limits noted below, students will have the opportunity to complete a program or certificate within which they are enrolled.

  • When an academic degree program of study is closed, students already enrolled in that program during the past five years will have the opportunity to complete the program of study within two years after closure of the program. Students who have not been enrolled in the program of study during the five years prior to the closure of the program of study are not eligible for this completion option. Programs will typically close at the end of the spring semester of a given academic year.
  • When an academic degree program of study with special admission processes is closed, or when a certificate program is closed, students already enrolled in the program during the past two years have the opportunity to complete the program of study or certificate within two years after the closure of the program. Contact the Registrar for specific information on completing a closed degree program or certificate.

I began at GCC and transferred to another school. Will GCC accept the credits I earned at my other school?

Possibly. You can learn more about our transfer credit policy and process at the Registrar’s Office.